Larry Birkhead gets emotional about Anna Nicole Smith on her daughter’s birthday

Larry Birkhead and the late Anna Nicole Smith had one child together, Dannielynn Birkhead, who is now a teenager. Smith tragically died in 2007 after accidentally overdosing on drugs just days after giving birth to her daughter and five months after her son, Daniel Wayne Smith, also died of an overdose, according to Today. Anna claimed her attorney, Howard K. Stern, was Dannielynn’s biological father, although no paternity test was performed. However, according to People, DNA test results showed that Birkhead was the father in 2007 — putting all rumors as to who Dannielynn’s father was to rest.

Although Birkhead’s romance with Smith ended before her death, he seems to speak only highly of her and remembers her fondly. During a 2021 20/20 special, Birkhead said, “Anna should be remembered as this larger than life character who was truly a caring, giving person. A beautiful woman who loved her fans and loved her family.”

Birkhead shares a special bond with his daughter, Dannielynn, who feels attached to Smith despite never having met her. She may even be following in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the spotlight. In 2021, her father told TMZ, she would love to land roles in celebrity TV shows like The Mandalorian and Stranger Things. Now Birkhead is getting emotional about Anna Nicole Smith on Dannielynn’s 16th birthday.

Larry Birkhead remembers Anna Nicole Smith on her daughter’s milestone birthday

Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, recently celebrated her 16th birthday. Birkhead, in true dad fashion, Birkhead posted a collage of photos to Instagram to wish his daughter a happy birthday and to honor Smith. “A lot of people thought the odds were against you, but maybe that was aimed more at me than you,” he wrote. The caption continued, “Stay off your local streets because Dannielynn is 16! Mom look down!” The post also featured the late Smith kissing Dannielynn as a baby.

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In addition to Dannielynn’s birthday, the father-daughter duo share another annual tradition honoring Dannielynn’s late mother. Every year in May they compete in the annual Kentucky Derby. Birkhead told Fox News last May, “We had a really great time and it’s kind of a tradition.” He added, “That’s where I met Anna Nicole Smith. And since then I’ve taken my daughter every year. She’s old enough to understand what it is.” Birkhead has insisted Dannielynn have a normal childhood and has tried to keep her out of the spotlight, but the Kentucky Derby is his one exception each year.

Dannielynn’s 16th birthday marks nearly 16 years since Smith’s death. However, it’s clear that the memory and spirit of Anna Nicole Smith is still dear to both Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead.