Lamar Odom wants to get back together with a famous non-Kardashian ex

We can’t mention Khloé Kardashian’s love life without mentioning Lamar Odom. The reality star and former basketball player had a whirlwind romance that culminated in a wedding just weeks after they began dating Stylecaster. Odom appeared on the family reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the couple even got their own spin-off Khloé & Lamar. From collaborating on fragrances to tattooing each other’s initials, Kardashian and Odom seemed genuinely “unbreakable,” but things behind the scenes weren’t what they seemed. When Odom’s addiction came to light, The LA Times reported that Kardashian filed for divorce, though she temporarily withdrew her filing after Odom’s 2015 overdose at a Nevada brothel. But in 2016, the marriage was finally over.

Kardashian dated French Montana, James Harden and most recently Tristan Thompson, but Odom didn’t seem too keen on letting go of his ex-wife. While on Celebrity Big Brother in 2022, the ex-NBA star got candid about wanting Kardashian in his life. “I didn’t treat this good woman right,” he said in a February episode (via Page Six). “I’ll do my best,” he added, discussing a possible reconnection with Kardashian. And while Odom recognized he might not get another shot, he expressed a desire to spend time with his ex-wife, calling it “a blessing just to be around her.” However, Odom may have changed his attitude towards Kardashian in favor of another of his exes.

Lamar Odom compared Khloe Kardashian to Taraji P. Henson

Lamar Odom’s hopes of rekindling a romantic relationship with Khloé Kardashian are well documented, but he surprised fans by admitting he still carries a torch for another of his exes.

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According to Elite Daily, Odom dated “Empire” actress Taraji P. Henson in 2009 before breaking up with her to be with Kardashian. “Things ended with Taraji because I was an immature punk. I didn’t know how to tell her I was in love with another woman named Khloé Kardashian,” he said. Now he seems to regret that decision. When asked by Page Six which of his ex-girlfriends he would like to reconcile with, Odom chose Henson. “Because I love Taraji. It’s a love thing It’s about who you love… Taraji’s a cool girl,” he explained, adding that since they’re both currently in Los Angeles, he might “could shoot her again.”

Odom went on to tell the outlet that he has great respect for the actor. “I think Taraji is more adept at what she does as an actress compared to what Khloé does,” he mused, though he was quick to laud Kardashian as “a great woman.” This follows what Odom shared about Henson in a resurfaced 2009 interview (via Elite Daily). “She inspired me, you know what I’m saying? A black woman working like this is just as good at her craft as I am at my craft,” he said.