Lamar Odom can’t contain his crush on ex Khloe Kardashian

Former basketball player Lamar Odom married Khloé Kardashian in 2009 after dating her just a month, according to the US Sun. The reality TV personality filed for divorce in 2013, which was finalized in 2016. The basketball player had a history of using drugs, which led to an overdose in 2015, and the Kardashian sister reportedly couldn’t handle her ex-husband’s refusal to give him the help he needed.

After the divorce was finalized, the social media influencer switched to basketball player Tristan Thompson. Relationship rumors began in August 2016, per Us Weekly. In 2019, the two split after a cheating scandal broke out involving Thompson and Jordyn Woods, then Kylie Jenner’s best friend. The two went on to reconcile, but in January 2022 it was confirmed that the basketball player was the father of Maralee Nichols’ baby, leading to a permanent split. However, it was revealed on The Kardashians that the news of Thompson’s affair with Nichols coincided with his surrogate pregnancy with Kardashian.

In February 2022, Odom confirmed that he and the Kardashian sister are no longer in touch. “If I could be her boyfriend, that would just be a blessing,” he told Entertainment Tonight, implying he still cares about the reality TV star. And it seems the love and caring is still there as Odom gears up for the season premiere of The Kardashians.

Lamar Odom still cares for Khloe Kardashian

Though Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom have gone their separate ways and don’t speak to each other, it’s clear they both care about each other’s happiness and health. “I want everyone to be successful and do what they want,” Kardashian said in May in response to the former basketball player’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, per Entertainment Tonight. “I’m happy for Lamar. He looks like he’s in a really good place.”

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Lute! News, Odom has also been keeping an eye on the Kardashian sister from the shadows, as he admitted to watching the season 2 premiere of “The Kardashians” on Hulu. The reality TV personality has been seen emotional over the surrogacy of her second baby with Tristan Thompson amid his cheating scandal. “She was crying on the show and everyone was questioning her and shitting like that,” Odom told the media outlet. “I just want her to be happy. The basketball player admitted it was hard to watch because he still loves Kardashian dearly.

Odom previously joked about the Thompson drama. In July, Page Six received a video of the former basketball player asking if his ex-wife is having a second baby with Thompson. “She could have yelled at me for that,” Odom replied, hinting that he would like to be in Thompson’s position of being the father of Kardashian’s second child.