Kris Jenner’s grandchildren call her by this unique name

Kris Jenner might be a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but at home she’s the Kardashian matriarch — and just plain mom. While she’s certainly raised an eyebrow or two at the questionable things she’s done for her children, she’s also managed to grow her family into a global brand, so to speak. Speaking about her family’s fame and her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner told an interview in 2012, “You’ve seen my little girls grow up, you’ve seen people get married and have babies and finish school and go to college. You know, it’s like so much that goes on in any family, but it’s magnified and dramatic because that’s who we are.”

And while there’s no doubt the Kardashians are a family like no other, it seems like Jenner is a grandmother like no other, too. That’s because their grandkids have a very unique nickname for them, and one you certainly don’t hear too often either.

Kris Jenner’s grandkids have a cute name for them

When it comes to the world of celebrity grandmothers, many of them have creative nicknames that their families call them. For example, Tom Hanks liked to be called “pappou,” while Rita Wilson liked to be called “yia yia” in Greek, according to ET, while Goldie Hawn liked to be called “Glam-ma” because there’s nothing more glamorous than a grandmother who loves to spend time with with the youngest members of the family, right? Hawn told The New York Times in 2011 that she dislikes the word grandmother because it’s a “word that had so many connotations of old age and decrepitude.”

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Well, while no one knows if Kris Jenner feels the same way, she told People in 2013 that there’s a special meaning behind the name. She said (via the Daily Mail), “First I was a grandma, and all of a sudden I didn’t like the sound of it, my mom had a friend named Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name.” It’s a name Jenner is even proud of because she wore a necklace with “Lovey” on it before a Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot in 2016.

Well, what Lovey thinks about her kids having kids outside of marriage is actually pretty surprising.

Kris Jenner is understanding when it comes to her daughters and their children

While there’s no doubt that Kris Jenner loves being nice to her grandkids, she admitted she was still a bit old-fashioned when it came to her views on marriage and children. While on The Martha Stewart Podcast, Jenner said she became pregnant immediately after marrying her husband Robert Kardashian. She explained, “I had Kourtney nine months, two weeks, and two days later” (via E! News). “I know this because all Armenian ladies probably counted… I promise I got pregnant on my honeymoon. You know, those were the days when — I’m very old-fashioned.”

But when Stewart asked Jenner if her daughters were having illegitimate children, she responded with, “I’m understanding more and more. I understand what this generation — and I have so many generations in my family now — I think there’s such a big age difference.” That, and she also told People that she worries her grandkids will die because of the fame of her family.She said, “You don’t have a choice… And I’m worried because it’s such a bullying environment.”It sounds like Jenner isn’t just a lovey, but someone who has a lot of love and Understanding produces and gives It’s the best kind of lovey there is, isn’t it?

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