Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala diet caused an unexpected health problem

Kim Kardashian caused some controversy after she decided to wear one of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dresses to the 2022 Met Gala. The Skims founder had to lose over 15 pounds to fit the dress, according to Vanity Fair, and had to change her diet and exercise routine to make it happen. She eventually lost 16 pounds in three weeks, though the Ripley’s Believe or Not team doubted she could pull it off (via Page Six). According to Us Weekly, she wore a sauna suit twice a day and stuck to a strict diet as she felt like she was preparing for a role.

Kardashian eventually decided to make a commitment to healthy eating even after the Met Gala. During an interview on the Today show, she said: “Since [The Met Gala]After that, I continued to eat very healthily. I’ve lost 21 pounds now.” She continued, “I’m not trying to lose any more weight, but I have more energy than ever. I’ve cut out so much sugar, a lot of the junk food I’ve been eating… I’ve just completely changed my lifestyle.

Kardashian eventually (almost) fit into the iconic dress and took to the red carpet with boyfriend Pete Davidson as she showcased her new blonde hair. But while everything seemed perfect, she had a health issue due to her abrupt dietary change just before the gala.

Kim Kardashian had psoriatic arthritis before the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian usually tries to maintain a mostly vegan and plant-based diet, but her Met Gala dress prompted her to make some changes to her daily diet in order to lose weight. While trying to lose weight for the Met Gala, Kardashian began eating meat again, which eventually sparked psoriatic arthritis. She has struggled for years with psoriasis, a skin condition that causes rashes that can be triggered by certain foods or activities, according to Healthline.

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The mother-of-four told Allure, “Psoriasis broke out all over my body and I got psoriatic arthritis so I couldn’t really move my hands,” she explained. “It was really painful and I had to go to a rheumatologist who put me on steroids. I freaked out. I cut out the flesh and it settled down.” Kardashian revealed that she panicked when it started popping up.

The reality star has been candid about her struggles with psoriasis on social media and TV. She even wrote an essay about her experience with the autoimmune disease for her sister Kourtney’s company website, Poosh. In the essay, she explains that she was unable to pick up her phone or even use her toothbrush during a bad outbreak. Despite her battle with psoriatic arthritis, Kardashian, as always, stole the show at the Met Gala.