Kim Kardashian’s claim about her bone density has her swiping left and right on social media

Kim Kardashian famously caused public controversy in May after she revealed on the Met Gala red carpet how she slimmed down for that night’s dress. Kardashian was determined to wear the Marilyn Monroe dress the icon donned to sing “Happy Birthday” to John F. Kennedy in 1962, and told La La Anthony she’d lost 16 pounds in three weeks. Some felt Kardashian’s comment was inconsiderate, and many were unconvinced that the mother-of-four had responsibly lost weight in that short time frame. As a Twitter user wrote“I know it won’t be the first or last time Kim Kardashian has spoken out terribly about weight loss and body image, but… there’s no way to do it in a healthy way.”

However, Kardashian insisted she was doing just that, describing her regimen to Vogue as wearing a sauna suit “twice a day,” running on the treadmill, and cutting out “all sugar and all carbs.” She also attempted some damage control, later telling The New York Times, “I haven’t done anything unhealthy,” explaining that the process felt similar to method actors losing or gaining weight for a role. “For me it was like, ‘OK, Christian Bale can do it for a film role and that’s acceptable.’ Even Renee Zellweger gained weight for a role, I don’t care,” says the SKIMS founder.

Now Kardashian is making waves over comments about a whole different facet of her body.

Kim Kardashian is now bending over bones

Unsolicited, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories on Aug. 3 to brag about her bone density, of all things. Sharing a special body scan she took via Vanity Fair, Kardashian wrote alongside pictures of her bone scan, “DO YOU HEAR THIS?!?!!! MY BONES ARE STRONGER THAN 93-97% OF PEOPLE.” Umm.. K? According to the scan, Kardashian has also lost a good amount of body fat since May 2021, going from 25% to 18.8% body fat. As Vanity Fair points out, body fat percentage is different from measurements of body mass index (BMI). While BMI categorizes people as “underweight,” “healthy,” “overweight,” “obese,” or “morbidly obese” based on their weight and height, the former separates a body’s fat content from its muscle.

The internet immediately lit up with reactions. One Reddit user pointed out, “As someone with ED, this is so triggering for some people…why would she post all her numbers like that?!” Meanwhile, another quipped that “it’s pretty easy to gain low body fat.” have when you’ve sucked it all out,” implying that Kardashian had undergone liposuction. One user even declared that this was “the last straw” for her, prompting her to unfollow Kardashian after seeing that particular (over)share.

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Over on Twitter, a user wondered if it was time to stop giving a platform to such Kardashian messages. call it “Perfunctory and petty ‘news’ at best.” The best way to summarize public opinion, however, was a Twitter usage that was easy wrote“I could not care less.”