Kim Kardashian Proves She Doesn’t Have Hard Feelings About Pete Davidson

Not all breakups have to end in tragedy and disaster. And since tragedy and disaster have been the story of her divorce from Kanye “Ye” West from the start, we’re assuming Kim Kardashian deserved a low-key split — that’s apparently how things went with Pete Davidson.

After dating for nearly a year, enduring non-stop media coverage and being harassed by Ye on social media every few months, Kardashian and Davidson officially ended their relationship in August 2022. An insider told E! News that they still have “a lot of love and respect for each other,” but the distance and conflicting schedules just made it too much to keep up with each other.

Celebrities usually say something along those lines when they publicly announce their breakup, but based on what she said in a recent interview, Kardashian really has nothing but good things to say about her ex-boyfriend.

Kim Kardashian calls Pete Davidson ‘such a cutie’

In her cover interview with Interview magazine, for which she posed in a jockstrap and bleached eyebrows, Kim Kardashian made it clear that she believes Pete Davidson is a real person. “He’s a cutie,” Kardashian said. “He’s literally such a good person that they don’t really like him anymore. I’m curious to see what he’s up to.” It’s not clear what Kardashian means by “they don’t make her like him anymore,” considering Davidson is literally 28 years old, but let’s not get into that.

Kardashian didn’t elaborate much further on her marriage to Kanye “Ye” West either, only saying that time with him helped open some doors. “I mean, when I was with Kanye and he introduced me to a lot of people, I think that definitely made a lot of people have a different level of respect,” she said. “I’ve also seen it as *** lately – going to law school, just doing what I want and becoming my own person, and people see that and respect that. There are levels to that .”

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And don’t worry too much about the “cute” in question. “Whereas Pete was torn when the breakup first took place, he’s now had some time off and is in a much better place,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He sees that they were clearly not meant to be.”