Kiely Rodni’s cause of death is now official

Kiely Rodni made national headlines when she went missing in Truckee, Nevada County, California. The 16-year-old celebrated with a crowd of about 200 to 300 people at Prosser Family Campground in the Lake Tahoe area, according to ABC 10. Rodni had texted her mother before leaving the meeting, telling her she was on her way home, per Fox 13. Federal authorities had stepped in to help local and state authorities track Rodni and her missing car. Even Doug the Bounty Hunter was asked to help with the search, but he was reluctant to get involved. Two weeks after her disappearance, Adventures with Purpose announced that they had found Rodni’s body and her vehicle. She was subsequently pronounced dead by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

A local outlet, KCRA, reported that mourners gathered at the Truckee Regional Park amphitheater to celebrate their lives. Social media users like Gabby Petito’s father also reacted to Rodni’s death. Her mother, Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, shared that she still had no closure after her daughter’s death. “I stand because they hold me up,” she said of the Truckee community. The US Sun reported that the family cremated Rodni’s remains privately while quietly mourning her loss. Now it looks like the teenager’s loved ones can start picking up the pieces as officials have finally confirmed Kiely Rodni’s cause of death.

Kiely Rodni’s death was an accident

The remains of Kiely Rodni were found in a Honda CRV on August 21. According to Adventure With Purpose, the vehicle was 14 feet below the surface of Prosser Lake. However, her cause of death was not confirmed until October 13. NBC News reports that the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said Rodni’s death was an accident. A pathologist determined that the teenager’s death was not foul play and that she had drowned. “As always, our office will continue to work with the family in evaluating any additional information related to this investigation,” the statement said.

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According to Fox News, 18 local, state and federal agencies had spent two weeks searching for Rodni, using boats equipped with sonars, helicopters and divers to find her. However, Oregon-based divers Adventures With Purpose found Rodni after just 35 minutes of searching for her. Her vehicle was turned upside down and the remains of the deceased were found in the rear of the Honda CRV. The car was 55 feet from shore. In AWP’s footage, Rodni’s father could be heard asking, “How the hell could they miss that?” AWP’s Nick Rinn told Fox News, “It was so shocking because I couldn’t believe we got in after all this time and found it.” He added, “It was also a sad moment … No one wants to say to a parent, ‘We found your daughter and she’s not coming home.'”