Kevin Hart had to overcome his greatest fear while filming Jumanji

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is a brave performer, but that doesn’t mean he’s fearless. In the past, Hart’s animal phobia has been shown several times during his various television appearances. While appearing on an episode of the MTV reality series Ridiculousness in 2018, Hart and other presenters watched a video of an ostrich chasing a bicyclist. Hart then explained that this scenario was “a real fear of [his].”

This was also addressed the same month when Hart and animal expert Robert Irwin were both guests on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Irwin brought numerous animals for the interview, including a baby ostrich. When Irwin greeted this animal on the set of “Tonight Show,” Hart quickly walked to the other side of Fallon’s desk to avoid the ostrich.

“I don’t have to pet it. I can see it, that’s cool,” Hart said while keeping his distance. Irwin then explained that ostriches not only possess impressive speed, but also have legs so strong “that they could easily kill a lion”. “You can put that back,” Hart replied, laughing. While working on the “Jumanji” franchise films, the father of four had to face his fears of various species of animals that were present on the set.

Kevin Hart faced a lot of bugs on the set of Jumanji

A couple of recent blockbuster movies starring Kevin Hart have required the actor to face his bug-related concerns. Hart and his co-stars filmed the first Jumanji reboot, Jumanji: Wecome to the Jungle, in Hawaii. As from E! News, there were a lot of bugs present on the set. Dwayne Johnson, who also starred in the film, took this opportunity to tease Hart and “even threw a fake poisonous spider” at him, the outlet revealed.

Hart first addressed these pranks from Johnson’s when he visited Good Morning America in 2017. “DJ plays way too much,” Hart said, per the Toronto Sun. “I don’t like insects, I don’t like animals.” When he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019 to promote Jumanji: The Next Level, Johnson opened up about Hart’s phobia, explaining, “Kevin’s really scared, I mean scared of animals. Camels, insects, butterflies, you name it.”

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In fact, during a 2019 ET Canada interview with Johnson to talk about this second “Jumanji” movie, Hart became anxious and got out of his seat to avoid a butterfly flying nearby. The dynamic duo recently teamed up for another film that has given Hart a chance to have a more enjoyable experience with animals.

Kevin Hart hugs animals in his latest project

Kevin Hart may have shown some fear of animals in the past, but his recent role reveals his weakness for dogs. Hart and Dwayne Johnson provide the voices for the main characters in DC League of Super-Pets, with both playing animated dogs in the film. To promote the film, the co-stars held some puppies in an Instagram video posted by Johnson on July 20.

These dogs were from Best Friends Animal Society, and Hart and Johnson invited viewers to comment on why they would make a great owner for one of the pups. “If you think this pup couldn’t be cuter, and you think he would make the Ace your Batman, comment below,” Hart said. “Kevin and I could make that dream come true,” Johnson added. On July 27, Johnson took to social media to share that he had surprised a family by giving them one of the dogs at a DC League of Super-Pets screening in Los Angeles. The actor also shared that he and Hart have partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to support the “tremendous work” they are doing to help animals across the country. Hopefully this sweet gesture for animals in need is a sign that Hart’s animal fears may be fading!