Kelly Clarkson reflects on American Idol Days in Milestone Tribute

“American Idol” is responsible for the birth of many stars that we all love today. If it weren’t for the talent show competition, we wouldn’t have the likes of Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, or Fantasia, all of whom entered the show after the first season. However, the show’s first winner, Kelly Clarkson, set the bar high. As noted by ChartMasters, the “Miss Independent” hitmaker has amassed more than 34 million equivalent album sales.

Although Clarkson’s win on the show was more than deserved, she admitted to Entertainment Weekly in 2017 that she really didn’t want to win after discovering that whoever would win the major record deal would also have to be in a movie. Despite this, she’s still proud of how she started. In 2020, the talk show host took to Twitter to celebrate the 18th anniversary of her American Idol winner. “It changed my life!” She wrote, adding, “I’m still hustlin’ 18 years later because I know I’m blessed to have the opportunities and I still love my purpose!”

It seems Clarkson is reconsidering her win. But this time for another milestone. Believe it or not, it’s been a full two decades since she became the nation’s first idol.

Kelly Clarkson expressed her continued gratitude for everyone’s support

Time flies when you’re having fun! September 4th marked the 20th anniversary since the US public voted Kelly Clarkson their first-ever American Idol winner. Since winning the show, the “Never Again” hitmaker has won three Grammy Awards and has had eight Top 10 albums on the US Billboard 200 chart, three of which have reached number one.

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To honor the 20th anniversary of her win, Clarkson took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message about the opportunity that changed her life. “That moment was the door that opened so many avenues, opportunities and creative partnerships for me that I will be grateful for throughout my life. The family and friendships I’ve built over those 20 years in music and television are priceless to me,” she wrote. Clarkson noted that she was “blessed by the successes and failures” she learned from, and credited her friends and family for helping her when she needed them most. “Thank you to everyone who voted 20 years ago!” she added. And with more than 308,000 likes on her post as of this writing, it’s easy to see that fans are voting for her every day with their unyielding support.