Keke Palmer doesn’t mince words when fans compare her to Zendaya

Jordan Peele’s horror thriller Nope stunned critics and moviegoers alike this July, with star Keke Palmer being hailed as the clear standout. Slate’s review of the film states that “Keke Palmer’s entire career led to ‘Nope'”. Meanwhile, The Ringer conceded that while Palmer has “earned her audience’s recognition” over many years, now she “will have everyone’s attention as well.” The outlet added that Palmer has been there since 2004 a child star “almost feels disrespectful” to call her performance “a breakout role.”

They weren’t the only ones with that opinion. Some Twitter residents took issue with critics who portrayed Palmer as a fresh-faced comrade after she’d been on the scene for a while. “Keke has always been a star in my household. Akeelah & The Bee was my dad’s favorite movie,” said one fan written down. Another user went further in a subsequent tweet, and wrote that she “would like someone to explore the similarities and differences between Keke Palmer’s and Zendaya’s careers in depth.” As the fan pointed out, the two actors were “both child stars, but their popularity in the mainstream is very different.”

Palmer got wind of the discussion — and she had an interestingly brave take on the comparison.

Keke Palmer shrugs off Zendaya comparisons

Keke Palmer doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for comparisons between her and Zendaya’s careers – after all, she has a great one! Despite some fans’ best intentions, Palmer dismissed her suggestions that colorism was responsible for Zendaya having a more household name than her.

“A great example of colorism is believing that I can be compared to anyone,” Palmer returned Tweet from July 24th, and continued, “I’m the youngest talk show host ever. The first black woman to star in her own show on Nickelodeon, and the youngest and first black Cinderella on Broadway. I am an incomparable talent. Baby, THIS is Keke Palmer.” As she pointed out in a follow up tweetShe’s been “a leading lady since I was 11,” has “over 100+ credits” to her name, and “has had a blessed career so far.”

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While many fans celebrated Palmer’s self-affirming confidence with one cheers“Girls, yes…it’s an insult to think that Zendaya is more successful than you. You are fabulous and shiny and beyond compare,” others found her phrase a little…much. “‘Talent beyond compare’ Who talks about themselves like that?! I guess you might be a lot of things, but humility isn’t one of them,” said one user tweeted, write that they have never heard of her. Another user now replied down to the last fan that their ignorance of Palmer was due to “the lack of diversity in the media you consume.”