Kathy Hilton is under fire for problematic Lizzo comments

Kathy Hilton is known for being many things including the mother of the celebrity Paris Hilton. However, Kathy blossomed into her own right when she starred in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in a “girlfriend” role. You know, the same show that her sister Kim Richards previously starred in and her other sister Kyle Richards has been on since its first season. Like Kyle, Kathy regularly finds herself at the center of the drama, and when not? She probably wouldn’t be on the hit Bravo show.

During a trip to Aspen this season of “RHOBH,” Kathy vented about her sisters, leading to this a lot of of drama. In an April interview with Us Weekly, the star admitted her wrongdoing, but since the episode had already been filmed, there wasn’t much more she could do to erase her words. “I said some things because I was just venting in a face-to-face conversation with someone and it wasn’t filmed,” she told the outlet, explaining that she’s been doing a lot of press and interviewing and the combination of that being tired and mixed with Aspen’s “high altitude” caused her to say some things she didn’t mean. “I just wanted someone to vent to. And I think what I’ve learned is – I love my two sisters. I love them,” she added. “You are my blood and I should never have said anything to anyone.”

Sisters are sisters, but how does Kathy Hilton get in trouble for her comments about Lizzo?

Kathy Hilton mistakes Lizzo for a famous actor

Kathy Hilton is no stranger to facing controversy…especially on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But this time, the outspoken star is facing controversy for a TV appearance. On August 11, the reality star appeared on Andy Cohen’s late night show “See What Happens Live” with her “RHOBH” co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff. In true Andy Cohen fashion, he had prepared a few games for the ladies, including one called Will! Kathy! Know Them!” In the game, Hilton had to guess a celebrity based on photos. When singer Lizzo showed up, Hilton thought it was a photo of Precious, who played Gabourey Sidibe in the 2009 film.

Hilton didn’t laugh after her wrong guess, but received a few laughs and stares from others, and Minkoff came to her defense. Hilton then seemingly brushed off the mistake, adding, “That’s what I call her. Her nickname is ‘Precious’ to me.” Since The Queens of Bravo posted the clip on social media, it has attracted a lot of negative attention. “So Kathy really thinks all black people look the same. This is Cringe AF”, one person wrote. “God bless Crystal for trying to save the semi-racist moment from Kathy,” another person commented on the tweet.

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This certainly wasn’t the first time Hilton has been part of a potential feud this year. This season she was at odds with sister Kyle Richards and friend Lisa Rinna. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton admitted that she and Richards are “doing great,” but we’re wondering what Lizzo has to say about the mix-up?