Kate Moss has bad memories of working with Mark Wahlberg

When Kate Moss testified against his ex-wife Amber Heard during Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, many fans couldn’t help but notice that there was a little twinkle in the supermodel’s eyes, especially upon hearing Depp’s name. Moss was called to the witness stand (virtually no less) after Heard claimed she heard a rumor that Depp pushed his then-girlfriend down a flight of stairs. Moss quickly set the record straight when she told the jury (via The Hollywood Reporter), “As I left the room, I slipped down the stairs and hurt my back. And I screamed because I didn’t know what happened to me and I was in pain. He came running back to help me, carried me to my room and got me medical attention.”

In June, Moss attended one of Depp’s concerts in London, per Newsweek, while also giving fans hope that the ridiculously handsome exes would get back together, but that never happened.

And while Moss explained in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview that she wanted to tell “the truth about Johnny,” there was another famous A-lister who was also in the model’s life at the height of her fame in the early years. 90s: Mark Wahlberg. But what she has to say about Wahlberg is very different from what she had to say about Depp.

Kate Moss was “scared” of Mark Wahlberg

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Kate Moss said she couldn’t help but be a little scared when she first met Mark Wahlberg for a Calvin Klein shoot in 1992. The British-born model was around 18 at the time and admitted she felt intimidated, if not vulnerable, around Wahlberg and his entourage. To make things even more awkward, she had to sit topless on his lap. When asked about it, Moss said (via Us Weekly), “Not very good memories. He was very macho and it was all about him. He had a large entourage. I was just that model.” When asked if Moss felt objectified during filming, she replied, “Yes, absolutely. And vulnerable and scared… I think they played on my vulnerability. I was quite young and innocent, Calvin loved that.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Moss told Vanity Fair in 2012 that the entire photoshoot caused her to have a meltdown and that Wahlberg was “such an asshole.” While speaking to The Guardian about the matter, Wahlberg certainly didn’t deny it. He said: “I think I was probably a little bit rough around the edges. I kind of did my thing. I wasn’t very…sophisticated, let’s put it that way.” Well, at least Wahlberg and Moss agreed on that.

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