Kate Gosselin’s lawyer hits back at her ex-husband Jon over money demands

The nasty feud between ex-boyfriends Jon and Kate Gosselin has only gotten worse over the years. After their divorce and the end of their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the two didn’t seem to get along. The show paid money to both Jon and Kate, as well as their eight children, twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden — but money clearly doesn’t solve everything.

Jon recently threw more gas on the fire when he publicly accused his ex-wife of living off their children. The father shared that Kate reportedly took $100,000 from her children’s trust and didn’t pay it back when he discovered the issue when his children Hannah and Colin moved in with him in 2018. “Parents are not allowed to withdraw money from these accounts without permission and without producing papers that they will pay it back – but she has provided no papers and no payments have been made,” the ex-reality star told The US Sun.

According to Page Six, Kate reportedly shared in a court filing in 2019 that she borrowed $100,000 from the Children’s Foundation “to help cover expenses for her and the kids.” However, her lawyer seems to criticize the idea of ​​her making a living off the kids, claiming that Jon has a big problem of his own to sort out!

Kate Gosselin’s attorney claimed Jon owed child support

Instead of attacking Jon Gosselin herself, Kate Gosselin allowed her attorney, Richard J. Puleo, to speak on her behalf. In a statement to Us Weekly, the attorney appears to refute Jon’s claims. “Kate’s integrity is impeccable. I can’t say that about Jon Gosselin,” Puleo shared. In his statement, Puleo also claimed that Jon had his own financial issues to work out. The father reportedly owes Kate $132,875 in child support. The amount does not include interest.

When it comes to the children’s trust, there’s not much Jon can do now. The sextuplets are now legal and unlikely to sue their mother for the money herself. Sadly, he admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he doesn’t have a real relationship with his kids either — aside from Hannah and Colin — and can’t talk to them about it. He feels like Kate “estranged” him when they got full custody of the kids in their divorce. “I think it was a bad decision by the parents,” said the father. “It would have been much better if she had been more open with them and explained things better.” Hopefully this family can solve these big problems in the future!

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