Kanye West’s latest Instagram tirade could land him in financial trouble

It’s only been four, five seconds since the last controversy with Kanye “Ye” West, and he’s already found himself in another. The “Donda 2” rapper and fashion mogul has been blowing up Instagram all week, with tirades aimed at more than one Kardashian: ex-wife Kim Kardashian and mother-in-law Kris Jenner. He has also fallen out with clothing company Gap. Ye claims that the retailer, which stocks an exclusive Yeezy Gap collection, has barred him from private meetings. In a list of complaints posted to Instagram, Ye said, “Gap has meetings about me without me.” He also criticized Adidas, which owns the flagship sneaker collection Yeezy, for making business decisions without him, and said, “Adidas puts out old shoes and dyes my shoes like I’m dead.”

Ye’s public outcry for the two companies bodes badly for business: Their issues should ideally be resolved behind closed doors, but Kanye is known for public feuds. To make matters worse, Ye scrubbed his Instagram until last week, making his page look like a personal burn book to Gap and Adidas. In fact, many of his recent posts are screenshots of names and photos snapped by Adidas’ board of directors as well as the company’s general manager Daniel Cherry – he’s even posted roasts from fans in the comments. However, a recent threat from Gap may finally put an end to Yes’s Instagram antics.

Gap has asked Kanye West to stop posting

While Kanye “Ye” West’s recent online behavior has been largely directed at Adidas, the rapper has been teasing more for Gap. On August 4, Ye released an ominous message saying, “If I’m the head of adidas, who should my next associate be… Gap, I’ll be in touch next week.” He then added by saying, “Adidas wants no more smoke… now it’s time for Gap.” Unfortunately for Ye, the apparel company seems to have anticipated a similar public disgrace. He has since posted a text screenshot that reads, “Dear Ye, Your legal team recommends that we do not post anything on Gap for another 10 days.”

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The post doesn’t say who sent the message, but it’s likely a manager or publicist on Yes’s team. While his social media behavior is still ongoing, Ye has recently turned his guns on Adidas again, likely as a result of Gap’s legal threat. His latest contribution is a photo of Alasdhair Willis, Adidas’ Chief Creative Officer. Willis is Paul McCartney’s son-in-law, whom Ye references in the post: “I made songs with your father-in-law… How can you watch adidas do what they did to another creative and not say anything and not even meet me or.” call me?”

Once the 10 days are up, time will tell if Ye is still after Gap. If so, it’s safe to say Kim won’t be representing him!