Kanye West isn’t done opening up about his shared parenting issues with Kim Kardashian

Kanye “Ye” West’s latest social media storm isn’t over yet, it turns out. After days of posting Instagram rants attacking everyone from Kim Kardashian to her mother Kris Jenner to her recent ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, the rapper returned to Instagram on Sept. 2 with more screenshots.

Most social users are now familiar with Yes’s Instagram patterns. First, he uploads a series of lewd or even threatening Instagram posts – including screenshots of private texts between himself and his ex-wife, complaints about their parenting and “jokes” threatening to kill her then-boyfriend Davidson. Most recently, Ye posted a series of since-deleted Instagram rants (via the Daily Beast), in which he complained that he had no say in where his kids go to school, accused Jenner of letting her daughters do Playboy for money, and Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg dared to ban him from the platform (for reasons still unclear). He also appeared to make vague accusations of racism, posting a screenshot of lyrics that read: “You guys have no idea about my black kids and where they go to school. They will not make playboy and sex videos. Tell your Clinton friends to come and get me.”

But there is more.

Ye suggests his kids split time between his school and their regular school

After deleting his recent series of Instagram posts (via Page Six) complaining about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her family, Kanye “Ye” West is back on the platform with more screenshots of private texts. Obviously, he doesn’t give up on where his four children go to school. “Idea,” reads the text message from Yes, presumably to Kardashian, in the screenshot. “Children two days in Donda and three in Sierra Canyon.” Alternatively, Ye suggests in the lyrics, they could spend three days in Donda and two in Sierra Canyon. This would include field trips to “educational sites”. He captioned the post, “This is co-parenting.”

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Donda, by the way, refers to Donda Academy, Yes’s private elementary school in Ventura County, California. Is the academy serious? The Simi Valley Acorn is unsure as it is the only publicly available information about the school other than their own website. However, Ye posted a photo on his Instagram showing several children in a classroom (although there is literally nothing on the walls, which is odd for an elementary school). He captioned the photo, “First day of pigeons in Donda praise God.”

In particular, we cannot see any of Ye’s own four children in the photo.