Kanye West isn’t backing down after the backlash over the Yeezy Gap Collection

Kanye “Ye” West is no stranger to stirring up controversy. Whether he’s rapping about his ex-wife’s boyfriend, burying him in a music video — we’re looking at you, Pete Davidson — or making a statement with his fashion, he’s always uncompromisingly himself. There’s no doubt that Ye’s split Kim Kardashian has been vocal about, and there are plenty of other subjects he doesn’t shy away from.

The rapper has built an empire thanks to his music and his Yeezy label, and a recent collaboration with Gap has wowed some fans. In contrast, others have questioned the rapper’s decision to showcase the clothes in trash bags. Photos show the Ye’s Gap collabs in large black bags, and many people have taken to social media to voice their opinions. “Rather than buying Yeezy’s $200 homeless-inspired clothing … How about you donate the money to the people this man taunts and gets involved with?” one person tweeted. “Kanye West’s Yeezy GAP clothing will be displayed in garbage bags. Who says there’s no truth in marketing?” Another social media user quipped. Other The Twitter user pointed out that customers “have to dive into the dumpster to find their size.”

When Ye got wind of all the negative press about his collection, he made sure to stand up for his brand, the decision to market “garbage bags” and why things aren’t what they seem.

Kanye West bangs the haters

Kanye “Ye” West isn’t missing out on the backlash for his Yeezy Gap collection. In true Ye fashion, the star spoke after people commented on the collection’s, ahem, unique garbage bag display. “I’m an innovator, and I’m not here to sit down and apologize for my ideas,” the rapper said in an Aug. 18 interview with Fox and Friends. “That’s what the media is trying to do. We apologize for any idea that isn’t exactly the way they want us to think.”

The bags, which resemble garbage bags, are actually construction bags, and Ye is unhappy with people who think he’s making fun of the homeless community — presumably prompted by a since-deleted Instagram post (via The News) in which he addressed the homeless called “the greatest inspiration for all design.” Ye continued, “I literally work on homeless shelters up here. There’s a documentary about where the city came and tore down my creations while I was doing it,” adding that no one could tell him he was “insensitive” as he thinks about his vision every day and lays his ” spirit and its innovation” in everything he does. He also shared that he works with Gap to make “egalitarian clothing” and “fights for a position to … give people the best design at a price they can accept.”

According to the YeezyGap website, items will still cost consumers a pretty penny. The cheapest item – a keychain – costs $40, the most expensive $300.

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