Kanye West Goes Nuclear On More Than One Kardashian In Rekindled Anger At His Kids

If you thought the Kanye “Ye” West drama would settle down after Kim Kardashian split from “Skete,” think again. As Today reported, Ye was banned from Instagram in March after violating her hate speech policy. Kardashian had recently gone public about her relationship with Pete Davidson, and Ye channeled his anger into his Instagram feed. Unfortunately for the “Skims” founder, the ban was temporary, and the rapper is back to his usual tricks.

The former couple are currently embroiled in a custody battle over their four children and the case is fraught with drama. In August, Ye’s fifth divorce attorney, Samantha Spector, quit the case. Meanwhile, Ye has voiced his grievances in the verses of his song, singing on “True Love” (per Genius), “When I pick them up, I feel like they borrowed something.”

Apparently the courtroom and its songs aren’t enough platforms for Yes’s frustrations. He recently flooded his Instagram page with screenshots of text and notes, and his ex-wife isn’t the only Kardashian caught in his crosshairs.

Kanye West targeted Kris Jenner on Instagram

In a series of deleted Instagram posts (via the Daily Mail), Kanye “Ye” West has opened up about not having a say in where his kids will go to school. He made it clear that he would like the four children to attend his Christian school, Donda Academy, as opposed to their current private preschool, which “indoctrinates” them by teaching about other holidays like Kwanzaa.

On screenshots of his messages with Kim Kardashian, Ye asks why he can’t choose the school. “We need to speak in person,” he writes. “Why you say, say[?] Because you’re half white?” The rapper also took aim at Kardashian’s mom. Capturing a screenshot of Kylie Jenner’s former assistant, he wrote, “Don’t let Kris make you do Playboy like she did Kyle [sic] and Kim do Hollywood is a huge brothel. Pornography destroyed my family.”

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This isn’t the first time Ye and Kris Jenner have clashed. BuzzFeed News reports the time Ye called her “Kris Jong-Un” and a “white supremacist.” Kardashian shared a message from her mother following the recent Instagram Blows, which Ye shared in a screenshot: “I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and it stresses me out to no end.” In his reply, Ye showed no intention to quit and reiterated the fact that his kids are “not going to do playboy and sex tapes.” He also called on Travis Scott, Tristan Thompson and Scott Disick to “stand against Kris.”