Kanye West gets cryptic in unexpected Queen memorial post

The latest celebrity to break her silence on the death of Queen Elizabeth II is none other than Kanye “Ye” West. Just days after an Instagram tirade against Yeezy wearers Gap and Adidas, the rapper-turned-entrepreneur has scrubbed his profile on the recent drama to pay his respects to the late royal.

While Ye appears to have no ties to the British royal family, they have actually had a few clashes over the years. In 2007 he performed at the Concert for Diana to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and that same year he also celebrated with Princes William and Harry, according to The Guardian. Then, in 2012, Ye is said to have caused a stir with a loud hotel party near Buckingham Palace. Partygoer and frequent collaborator Big Sean said, “The royal family downstairs was complaining like, ‘We’ve got all this loud rap music over us and weed smoke,'” according to The Sun of Digital Spy.

Aside from those few encounters, however, it doesn’t seem like Ye and the royal family share a close relationship. Despite this, the controversial rapper still felt compelled to honor Queen Elizabeth’s memory along with a surprise announcement for his career and personal life.

Kanye West is done with the drama

In a new Instagram post, Kanye “Ye” West appears to have addressed the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Before posting two photos from Queen Elizabeth’s younger days, he wrote: “Life is precious. Release all grudges today. Lean in the light.” Ye didn’t elaborate on his comments in the caption, but given the timing and accompanying photos, it’s not hard to tie his revelation to the Queen’s death. He also posted a photo of Young Thug, most likely showing his support with his legal troubles.

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The post is actually the second of its kind that Ye has uploaded, but the first has since been deleted, according to TMZ. He previously uploaded the same message, adding: “Best wishes and blessings to Pete [Davidson] [Kid] Cudi Daniel [Cherry]Alongside ex-wife and mother-in-law Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Ye has publicly clashed with Pete Davidson, former friend and collaborator Kid Cudi, and Adidas general manager Daniel Cherry media pursued.

The message is a sublime statement from Ye, who is as well known for his feuds as he is for his fashion and music. Only time will tell if he keeps his promise: Between Kardashian, Jenner, Taylor Swift and more, he still has a lot of beef to crush. But if he succeeds, we’ll always have Queen Elizabeth to thank for his redemption arc.