Kanye West cements his bond with two celebrity friends in a lasting way

Kanye “Ye” West doesn’t seem to have the best track record when it comes to keeping friends in the industry. In 2018, Ye was involved in a hip-hop beef with Drake that nobody saw coming — not even the Canadian rapper himself. Though the two have collaborated on some of the biggest hits over the years and seemed to have a great relationship, Drake was blindsided when he found out Ye had leaked confidential information about his newborn son to his rival Pusha T Fader. Pusha then released Ye-produced ‘Infrared’ and diss track ‘The Story of Adidon’ – the latter revealing that Drake had fathered a child and questioning his songwriting.

“There’s a diss song for me [“Infrared”] that you produced, that speaks to the writing?” Drake said on HBO’s The Shop (via Us Weekly). “I was just with you, as friends who helped you, and now you’re dissing me … this is dark. “Drake and Yes’ feud lasted a few years, but after multiple diss tracks and numerous online threats, the rappers have seemingly crushed their beef in 2021.

John Legend also spoke about his encounter with Ye and why their friendship is now over after almost two decades. “We disagreed publicly that he ran for office and supported Trump. I think it got to be too much for us to keep our friendship alive,” Legend said on The Ax Files podcast (via Today). However, Ye has proven that he still has big friends in the industry.

Kanye ‘Ye’ West, Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy are forever scarred

Kanye “Ye” West might not get along with everyone in the industry, but he seems to have taken his friendship with Steve Lacy and Lil Uzi Vert to the next level. Lacy shared a photo on Instagram showing off his new matching tattoo of Uzi and Ye. “Technically we’re here forever,” he wrote in the caption. Mez Afram, the tattoo artist who inked the trio, was also spotted in the photo posing for the mirror selfie. “This is the most random human pairing I’ve ever seen,” one user commented on her post.

Ye and Uzi’s friendship dates back several years. They met in NYC in 2018 and later that year both were featured on Travis Scott’s song “Watch.” “Me and ‘Ye’ have been working since Lil Uzi ever existed in his music career,” Uzi said complex. “We have hundreds of things, but we’re trying to bring them together.”

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As for Ye’s relationship with Lacy, not much is known about their relationship, but the “Stronger” rapper made it clear what he thinks of the rising star. On July 15, Lacey released his second studio album, Gemini Rights, and Ye wasted no time in praising the singer’s project — calling him “one of the most inspirational people alive” (via NME). While many were unaware that the trio was so close, their friendship is now forever marked.