Justin Bieber’s latest career move is dividing fans

Justin Bieber has been dealing with a devastating illness that has seriously impacted his musical commitments. In June, the “Peaches” singer postponed a series of shows in New York City after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which causes facial paralysis. A few days later, the Canadian-born pop star announced that he would be postponing the series of shows for the North American leg of his Justice Tour while he continues to recover.

“Justin continues to receive the best medical care possible, is optimistic about his recovery and looks forward to returning to tour and performing for his fans abroad later this summer,” read the statement, which was posted on the official Instagram account the tour was posted.

A month later, it was announced that Bieber’s highly anticipated tour would resume in late July, with performances in Italy, South America and more, according to Variety. And while Bieber returned to the stage on July 31 as promised, he just revealed sad news about his tour.

Fans are divided after Justin Bieber postponed remaining Justice tour dates

Justin Bieber fans are in an uproar after the singer announced he would be rescheduling all remaining dates on the Justice world tour due to his ongoing medical recovery. “Earlier this year I made public my battle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has left my face partially paralyzed,” Bieber wrote in a statement, per Variety. He continued by explaining that while attempting to return to the stage shortly after his diagnosis, he had come to the realization that he was physically unable to continue touring. He added: “I’ll be fine but I need time to rest and get a better time. I was so proud to bring this show and our message of justice to the world.”

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Additionally, a source close to Bieber told TMZ that the pop star’s mental health was also a big factor in his decision to take a break from the spotlight. The insider revealed that Bieber has been “struggling” with his mental health for some time.

Following Bieber’s announcement, some fans took to social media to express their frustration, while others sent well wishes to the “Stay” singer. “He healed himself for 10 years,” one person tweeted. Another simply wrote: “really disappointed”. However, there were some who shared messages of support for Bieber. “Oh man… get better Justin,” one fan exclaimed. While others suggested the singer needn’t apologize for prioritizing his health.