Julie Andrews’ Tribute To The Queen is exactly what you would expect

The announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 8 prompted many other members of Britain’s “royalty” to speak out. During his performance at Madison Square Garden, Harry Styles took a moment to acknowledge the work of the long-reigning monarch. “There is very sad news from my home country today,” reports People of him. “Please applaud with me for 70 years of service.” Sir Elton John also shouted out the Queen at his concert in Toronto. Rolling Stone shared his touching message, which included an acknowledgment that “she’s been working damn hard.”

While some chose to make jokes or memes about death, the mood in Britain was downright somber. Even Prince Harry rushed to the Queen’s bedside in the Scottish Highlands, despite his notoriously strained relationship with the royal family.

Julie Andrews also spoke up. The 86-year-old British actress has spent her entire adult life under the reign of Queen Elizabeth and has carved a royal reputation for herself. Some of her most famous roles have involved portraying royalty, and her reaction to the Queen’s death is exactly what we all expected.

Julie Andrews publicly mourned Queen Elizabeth

Julie Andrews was among many famous Britons to make a statement after Queen Elizabeth’s death. As from E! News, the actor’s thoughtful message read, in part, “A page in history turned today. It feels like we’ve lost a friend… May we honor her by living up to the standards she set for herself and her nation.”

Andrews had previously been a vocal supporter of the Queen – and the friendship went both ways. As early as 2000, Playbill reported that Andrews had been appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth honored her for her services to the arts.

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Earlier this year, as the Queen celebrated her platinum anniversary, Andrews was among those who sent messages of support. In her video, she said: “They are committed to serving the people of Britain and the Commonwealth. I have a feeling that you have never broken that promise over the years. I want to offer you my warmest congratulations, ma’am, and thank you.”