Joy Behar reveals devastating details about past health issues

Joy Behar — one of the hosts of ABC’s “The View” and a former host of “Joy Behar” — has always been a pro-choice advocate when it comes to abortion rights, according to the New York Daily News. On the daytime talk show, Behar often shares her unfiltered opinions and experiences on personal and political issues in the world. In particular, the issue of the repeal of Roe v. Wade has been a popular topic of discussion on the show since the news leaked in May.

During a segment of “The View” in May, Behar opened up and expressed her disappointment at the coup, saying, “We saw this coming. My concern is that this is just the beginning. Next they’ll go after gay marriage and maybe Brown vs. Board of Education.” Taking this a step further, she continued, “I see fascism across the board here.”

Behar often clashed with conservative co-host Meghan McCain over political issues on The View because of their opposing political views. However, when McCain left the show last year, things seemed to settle down. Now, Elisabeth Hasselback, a former “The View” host and conservative woman, has returned to the show as a guest co-host, according to People. And on Hasselback’s first day, a discussion about abortion led to a devastating admission of Behar’s past health issues.

Joy Behar had an ectopic pregnancy over four decades ago

Eventually, during a segment of “The View,” a discussion about abortion bans led Joy Behar to share a heartbreaking story about what she experienced during a past pregnancy. Behar revealed to the other hosts that she had an ectopic pregnancy in 1979 and revealed that she almost died (via Page Six). According to the Mayo Clinic, this happens when a fertilized egg becomes trapped in the fallopian tube or other areas of the body, preventing a healthy pregnancy from proceeding as a result. An ectopic pregnancy puts a woman at risk of bleeding internally and dying.

At the time of her ectopic pregnancy, Behar was “taken to the hospital” and it appeared to be a very frightening experience. “The doctor said the next day, ‘We almost lost you,'” the host of The View explained. “I was in a situation where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital and they took care of it there.”

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Elisabeth Hasselback asked Behar if she technically considered this pregnancy an abortion, to which Behar clarified that it was not a miscarriage or an abortion. According to Planned Parenthood, an ectopic pregnancy does not count as an abortion because there is no way the child can be delivered.