Jon Gosselin drops bombastic accusation against ex-wife Kate

Ex-partners Jon and Kate Gosselin have been in the public spotlight since becoming a reality TV culture phenomenon in 2007 with their show Jon & Kate Plus 8. Audiences were interested in Jon and Kate’s marriage and their experiences raising their one set of twins – Cara and Mady – and their sextuplets – Hannah, Collin, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden. But sadly, just two years into the show, Jon and Kate decided to divorce after being married for 10 years following rumors of an affair from Jon, per Us Weekly. The episode, in which Jon and Kate announce their plans to end their marriage, garnered over 10 million ratings for TLC, effectively ending Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Kate only continued the show as “Kate Plus 8,” but the messiness of their divorce made the former couple and their family complete tabloid mainstays. Kate admitted she sometimes had a “sharp tongue” towards Jon on Today, but Jon accused Kate of much worse – like allegedly holding their son Collin in a facility until he could ask his father for help. Over the years, Jon and Kate have accused each other of abuse, affairs and general misconduct.

Unfortunately, the public family battles continue to this day, and now Jon is making another big accusation against his ex-wife.

Jon Gosselin accused Kate of taking money from her children

Jon Gosselin now claims his ex-wife Kate siphoned a total of $100,000 from accounts owned by their children. He discovered this after getting custody of their son Collin and daughter Hannah and checking the balance of their trusts. On television, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children made their own money performing and filming. In an interview with The US Sun on Aug. 18, Jon said Kate took $50,000 each from Collin and Hannah’s money. In court documents obtained by the outlet in 2019, Kate defended herself by saying the withdrawal was necessary for her to “survive,” but Jon pointed out that Kate bought a house worth $100 in the same year Bought $750,000.

“It’s disgusting and morally wrong,” Jon told The Sun. “Parents are not supposed to withdraw money from these accounts without permission and without producing papers that they will pay it back – but she has not provided papers and no payments have been made.”

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The former reality dad added that the kids would be demanding a payback and was disappointed to learn of the missing funds. InTouch has previously reported that both Hannah and Collins’ relationships with their mother – who was described by one source as “not an easy personality at all” – have been strained since they decided to live with her father. As of this writing, Kate has not responded to the release of the court documents.