JoJo Siwa gets pissed off about another big star’s shady behavior

JoJo Siwa’s TikTok account takes no prisoners. While we’re all still recovering from her recent outing of Candace Cameron Bure, Siwa has continued to dump ruthless roasts of others who have wronged her, all to on-trend sounds. Honestly? That is why we are here.

In one video, she danced to audio singing “emotional damage” as images popped up on the screen. Things she blamed for hurting her included “Dance Moms,” the Kids’ Choice Awards, and articles with headlines like “Why Do Some People Hate JoJo Siwa So Much?”

If aiming an entire awards show isn’t enough proof that Siwa isn’t afraid, her latest victim should silence all questions. The dancer used the trendy “Burn It” sound – which has over 250,000 videos – to perfectly remind us of an old beef with an A-lister you never expected. We give you a tip: Your ship name would be “JusJus Bieba”.

JoJo Siwa called out a rude Instagram comment from Justin Bieber

In her latest shady TikTok, JoJo Siwa takes aim at Justin Bieber and a rude comment he left about her birthday present. “POV you’re Justin Bieber when I got my first car…” reads the caption of the video. Siwa then shares a screenshot of her custom-wrapped convertible, which was shown on West Coast Customs’ Instagram page. Bieber, who also had his cars showcased by the company, had strong feelings for Siwa’s vehicle. His comment, which the dancer has circled in red, reads, “Burn it.”

Siwa was clearly waiting for the right moment to call out the rude response. Her caption reads, “This audio was made for me.” In fact, the accompanying audio, taken from an episode of The Vampire Diaries, reads, “Burn it. Did I say stand there and look stupid? No, I said burn it.” Best of all, Siwa’s screenshot of the comment shows that the picture was taken just 23 hours after West Coast Customs published the post. However, this whole incident happened in 2018…which means Siwa has been keeping the receipts for years.

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For his part, Bieber apologized after removing the comment. He took to Twitter to write: “I have nothing against you, it was the car and the colors I didn’t like. I really hope you didn’t find it mean or mean.” Siwa may be forgiving, but she never forgets.