Johnny Depp could be a TV icon in his next public appearance

Johnny Depp is still riding high after emerging victorious over his ex-wife Amber Heard in the bombastic libel trial that riveted the country for weeks earlier this year. The trial gave viewers a rare glimpse into the toxic relationship between the former Hollywood power couple, and neither party managed to escape the trial unscathed. At the end of the day, the jury found both were liable to each other for defamation, but Heard was on the hook for $10.35 million. Ultimately, she also bore the brunt of criticism online, as numerous Depp fans mocked the Aquaman actor on social media.

Now that the dust of the process has settled, it looks like Depp is gearing up for his big comeback, and he already has a couple of films lined up. While the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has so far focused on foreign projects, including the role of King Louis XV, it appeals to audiences at home.

Johnny Depp could star as MTV’s legendary moonman

Get this: Sources tell TMZ that Johnny Depp could make a surprise appearance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 27. Not only that, but the actor is in talks with the show’s production team to dress up as the network’s iconic Moonman mascot. Depp will reportedly “show face” during the show, which is sure to please his legions of loyal fans, many of whom camped outside Fairfax County Circuit Court, where his libel trial was being held, just to cheer him on. Some fans have already taken to social media to celebrate the news with one tweet: “I can’t wait to see what happens this time very excited.”

Depp is no stranger to the VMAs. The actor has won a total of five Moonmen throughout his career — including the Generation Award in 2012 — after being nominated for a total of eight, according to Page Six. We bet Depp’s appearance will be a godsend for the struggling awards show, which last year suffered from the lowest ratings in the program’s 37-year history.

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