Johnny Depp continues to rise from legal controversy with a huge deal

Before winning his multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp said he was essentially a pariah in Hollywood. According to The Washington Post, he was dropped from his role in Fantastic Beasts because of his bad reputation. As many of his fans may recall, Depp sued The Sun for defamation over their claim that he was a “wife beater” but ultimately lost his case to BBC News. While the actor has most likely been called a lot of things throughout his career, this was one designation he didn’t want. Depp told the Times in 2021 that he had definitely lost his luck because of Hollywood’s boycott of him. He said at the time, “But you know, I’m moving to where I need to go to do all of this … to bring things out into the open.”

Now that Depp has won his case against Heard after she wrote a comment suggesting she was a victim of abuse, it looks like things are about to change for him — and fast. In fact, the actor is rising from his legal controversy with a new, huge deal that can only mean one thing: Depp is back.

Johnny Depp signs a new contract with Christian Dior

Johnny Depp is making the ultimate comeback – at least in the fashion world. According to TMZ, the Hollywood actor has signed a new deal with Christian Dior to be the face of their Sauvage men’s fragrance. As many fans may recall, Depp was the face of Sauvage in 2015, but his commercials were pulled off the air over his “wife-beater” claims against him. But that’s not the only thing Depp has done. Variety says Depp has a new French-language movie lined up with Netflix called La Favorite. Not only that, he’s also been working on a profitable art collection while his music career seems to be back on track as well.

While Depp didn’t give interviews in the courtroom after his win, his ex-wife Amber Heard apparently prompted him to respond to some of the things she had to say about the trial. A spokesman for Heard told Page Six, “If Mr. Depp or his team has a problem with this, we recommend that Johnny himself sit down with Savannah Guthrie for an hour and answer all of her questions.” That is, it seems, as Depp really wouldn’t have that much time to talk when he has so much work to do, right?

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