John Legend reveals the real reason he ended his friendship with Kanye West

John Legend has a lot to celebrate these days as Chrissy Teigen just announced she is pregnant and he announced that he will be releasing his eighth studio album on September 9th, 2022. As reported by Billboard, it will be called “Legend” and it’s a big step for the singer, who explained that he’s never used his name in an album title because “I had to earn it.” And now that he’s done it, it has a special meaning.

“I’m saying I’m proud of who I am, I have faith in the work I’ve done and I’ll just explain it,” he explained. It sounds like Legend has certainly reached a point where he’s absolutely sure of who he is and what he believes in, and that would explain why he’s revealed without hesitation or apology that he’s one of his closest friends had to cut — Kanye “Ye “West — from his inner circle.

Legend and Yes’ friendship goes back decades. As BuzzFeed noted, they met when Legend first arrived in New York out of college and happened to move in with Yes’s cousin DeVon Harris. Harris soon introduced her, and the chance encounter grew into a friendship that ranged from professional (Ye produced Legend’s 2004 debut album, Get Lifted) to personal (Legend performed at Ye and Kim Kardashian’s wedding). However, it seems that there are some things that even the strongest of friendships cannot withstand, including opposing political views.

The real reason John Legend doesn’t want to be friends with Ye

Cracks first surfaced in John Legend and Kanye “Ye” West’s relationship in April 2018, when Legend texted his boyfriend to ask him to think twice about putting his influence behind Donald Trump’s presidential bid. “I hope you will reconsider aligning with Trump,” he encouraged, per Vox. Ye declined, then posted the exchange on Twitter, seemingly trying to stalk his friend. After that, his support for Trump only grew stronger. Case in point: After Trump was sworn in, Ye visited him in the Oval Office, hugged him, and even announced, per the New York Post, “They tried to scare me not to wear this.” [MAGA] hat, but this hat gives me strength in a way.”

Now, Legend has confirmed to CNN’s The Ax Files podcast (via the New York Post) that he and the rapper aren’t as close as they used to be, and it’s all because they’re on opposite sides of the political aisle . Explaining their rift, Legend said he just couldn’t support Yes’s support of Trump. After all, he proudly endorsed Joe Biden and even performed at Biden’s inauguration. “Furthermore, Legend couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Ye announced back in 2020 that he would run for president. “He was upset that I didn’t support his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America — for understandable reasons,” the legend revealed. Nowadays, they don’t seem to find common ground and have therefore drifted apart. “I think we’ve had enough of maintaining our friendship, to be honest,” Legend admitted.

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