Joe Rogan isn’t holding back his true feelings about Donald Trump

You’d think Joe Rogan would be former President Donald Trump’s biggest supporter as they have so much in common. Both hosted reality shows. Rogan presented “Fear Factor” and Trump hosted “Celebrity Apprentice”. They are polarizing figures who love to make outrageous and often unfounded statements. Trump and Rogan are equally controversial and combative. Both spread misinformation with potentially dangerous consequences. Each has a large Republican following and is demonstrating against Awakening.

An excessive number of celebrities can’t stand Rogan or Trump. And they’ve both fallen victim to the “break-off culture.” Trump’s social media ban followed the January 6, 2021 riot. While Spotify has been bombarded with calls to cancel Rogan’s weekly podcast over all the racial slurs and COVID-19 spoofs he’s been making. However, the streaming platform declined. “Suppressing voices is a very slippery slope,” they announced in a statement (via The New York Times), without mentioning the fact that “The Joe Rogan Experience” is also their most successful and profitable podcast globally.

Considering the similarities and their equally aggressive and alpha male personalities, one would imagine they would be like peanut butter and jelly. But surprisingly, the truth is far from it. Rogan was not among the (multiple) confirmed and certified 47% of citizens who voted for Trump (according to the Pew Research Organization) — though he didn’t vote for Joe Biden either. “He can’t speak properly anymore,” he said of the POTUS (via Newsweek). But forget Biden, when given the opportunity, Joe Rogan isn’t holding back his true feelings about Trump.

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Joe Rogan is definitely not the biggest Donald Trump fan

Joe Rogan does not side with either political party. “I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. I share ideas from both sides,” he explained on his podcast (via The Sun). But he’s definitely not the biggest Donald Trump fan. Rogan’s 11 million listeners are mostly male, under 45, and 25% Hispanic (per Morning Consult), providing Trump with the perfect PR adversary.

However, their thoughts on Latin America – particularly Mexico – differ significantly. “[Mexicans are] bring drugs. They bring crime. They’re rapists,” Trump decreed (via Time). “And some, I suppose, are good people,” he added. “That motherf***er is trolling us. [But] It’s a real pleasure to have ridiculous people like him for our entertainment. Better stay away from Mexico though,” Rogan replied on Facebook. “I love Mexico. I go all the time,” he later tweeted. “There is no comparison.”

Rogan claimed he snubbed Trump’s requests to appear on his show multiple times. He said it was “quite shocking” how easily an interview could be used to “revive and rehabilitate” a person’s questionable public image. “I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him,” he explained on Lex Fridman’s podcast. Rogan has called Trump “a polarizing figure”, blamed him for dangerous divisions in the US and said he is “an existential threat to democracy itself”. Rogan stated he didn’t want to take any chances.[changing] the course of our country based on a conversation.”