Joe and Melissa Gorga’s explosive encounter with Jennifer Aydin has sent Twitter into a frenzy

You don’t often find Joe and Melissa Gorga between AirBnB, Steve Bannon, South Korea and Eminem. However, this happened when “Joe and Melissa” started trending. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were the talk of the town on Twitter after a fan posted two short clips of the two in a hotel lobby with co-star and outspoken Teresa Giudice champion Jennifer Aydin. In the first video, a woman gasps in shock as the screaming fight between Gorgas and Aydin intensifies. In the second, a visibly angry Aydin throws a drink in Joe’s face before throwing her plastic cup across the room.

The confrontation is the latest chapter in the saga as Joe and Melissa walked out on Teresa Giudice’s wedding. According to Page Six, the couple turned down the nuptials in favor of a day out on the Jersey shore. The blushing bride insisted on her podcast (via Entertainment Tonight) that she wasn’t phased by the diss. However, during a “RHONJ” Q&A session, Giudice shadowed Joe and Melissa for skipping their wedding. According to a The List reporter, Giudice admitted her brother’s snub was “really hurt,” and blamed it on Melissa. “When other blood comes into the family, it changes things,” she snapped.

Sources told People that Melissa started the brawl after calling Aydin a “loser” and a “wannabe.” The two quickly began trading barbs. Aydin and Joe’s explosive interaction took place when he waded in and began challenging Aydin for her sneaky remarks. Not surprisingly, the trio’s rioting altercation sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Joe and Melissa Gorga started trending for the wrong reasons

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Joe and Melissa Gorga’s explosive encounter with Jennifer Aydin sent the Twitterverse into overdrive. After a Twitter user posted videos of their heated argument, “Melissa and Joe” started trending for all the wrong reasons. Or given the rumors that the pair are set to be axed from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (per The Sun), maybe there really isn’t any bad publicity — because Bravo loves drama.

Twitter was shared via #TeamAydin or #TeamGorga. But Aydin seemed to be the overall winner. The video had garnered 2,729 likes (at the time of publication) and hundreds of comments. “Jen should have freaked out [a] Table on these two hurgas! They’ve been talking shit all weekend. They’re both gross,” one Twitter user commented. “It’s all like that [too] chaotic. I’m over the Joe, Teresa and Melissa dynamic,” another person tweeted. They said it was bad enough to see the “family self-destruct” without involving outsiders. “Is Jennifer Teresa’s bodyguard?” asked a confused Twitter user.

Another Twitter user claimed Joe called Aydin “a dirty bastard” and insisted he “should be put in a cage where he belongs”. One person questioned the entire narrative of the incident and posted a screenshot of Aydin’s account of the altercation via Twitter. Meanwhile, the “Real Housewife” tried to keep things upbeat on her feed. Aydin thanked BravoCon 2022 for inviting us to participate and Legoland for the VIP family tour. However, she also couldn’t resist a few dodgy retweets.