Jodie Sweetin breaks silence after clash with police at Roe V. Wade protest

There is no doubt that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Roe v. Wade” has caused a large division and a significant amount of backlash among non-supporters. On June 24, the Supreme Court voted to set aside Roe v. Wade and gave states the power to decide whether or not to allow abortion, rather than leaving it as federal law. The ruling sparked backlash across the country, particularly in Hollywood. Celebrities take to social media to voice their opinions on the matter, and with Hollywood tending to lean to the left, this verdict came as a major disappointment to the stars.

“Full House” star Jodie Sweetin was one of many who took to Instagram to comment on the verdict. The actress shared the screenshot of a Planned Parenthood post and a quick caption that read, “**Fundraiser** It’s happening ladies. Start saving and sharing the resources you need,” she wrote. Sweetin also made sure Planned Parenthood was tagged in the post. “If you need an abortion, help is available to ensure you get the care you need,” she continued, before sharing a phone number and website.

People across the country also took part in protests against the verdict, and Sweetin decided to stand up for what she believes in by protesting in the Los Angeles area, according to the New York Post. Unfortunately for the star, things took a turn for the worse when she was involved in a clash with cops, which happened to be caught on film.

Jodie Sweetin doesn’t want to do anything about her

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Jodi Sweetin arrives after a row with police at a Roe v. Wade in her own defense. The “Full House” star appeared on E!’s Daily Pop, where she addressed the topic. The clip began with Sweetin being pushed off the side of the road onto a road by several police officers. “People get shocked when they see Stephanie Tanner, something happened to her, and suddenly it makes it more real,” Sweetin said, referring to her iconic “Full House” character.

Sweetin added that she “hates” that it takes “people who know someone” to speak up or take action. “Above all, I don’t want to continue doing this about myself,” she said, emphasizing the importance of standing up for women’s rights and “police brutality”. She continued, “If people are disturbed by what they’ve seen, let me tell you: I’ve spent a lot of time protesting in the streets and this is a very small incident of police brutality.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star also issued a statement after the incident as she applauded the “hundreds of people” who joined her to protest their First Amendment rights. “That will not deter us, we will continue to fight for our rights,” she said. “We are not free until we are ALL free.” In return, the LAPD also released a statement of its own, stating, “Force used will be evaluated against LAPD’s policy and procedure.”