Jesse Lee Soffer confirms disturbing news for Chicago PD fans

Sorry Chicago PD fans, but we have bad news for you, courtesy of Detective Jay Halstead actor Jesse Lee Soffer. The actor joined the Chicago One series as a lead when it began in 2014 after also appearing on the NBC show’s sister shows Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, and he’s made no secret of how much he loves it really loved to play his inquisitive character. Why does he love the role so much? It’s all about the challenge for this actor.

“I’m always trying to find and change the character and figure out what he’s going through and what he would be experiencing at a certain moment or something, but beyond that we’re always learning,” the actor told DuJour in 2021. He also revealed how much he loved having cops and technical advisors on set offering tips on how to play their characters on the front lines as accurately as possible. “So the job is always challenging and there is always a new experience. I think that keeps us going,” he added when asked why he took the role for so long.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and Lee Soffer officially calls the time for his appearance in the world of Chicago. I’m sorry people. We told you it’s bad news.

What Jesse Lee Soffer said about his exit from the Chicago PD

Jesse Lee Soffer officially says goodbye to Chicago PD after 10 seasons. The star confirmed the news in a statement to Variety, saying, “I want to thank the incredible fans for their unwavering support over the past 10 years and I want to thank Dick Wolf and everyone at Wolf Entertainment, Peter Jankowski, Matt Olmstead, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt , Rick Eid, Gwen Sigan, NBC, Universal Television, my colleagues and our incredible crew.” He captioned, “Creating this hour-long drama week in and week out has been a labor of love for everyone associated with the show. I always will Proud of my time as Det. Jay Halstead.” The actor then doubled down on the news on Twitter, writing, “This is sad but true. I just want all fans to know how grateful I am. You guys are why us do it! It was an honor. Love you all.”

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The big news came about eight months after Soffer told Us Weekly about his character’s growth when he shared his enthusiasm for new storylines with Jason Beghe’s character Voight in Season 9, saying, “It lends itself to entirely new storylines between these two who have a different kind of relationship, a different kind of mutual respect.” Unfortunately, it looks like we’ve seen all of that now.