Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann have exciting news about their family

19 Kids and Counting alum Jeremiah Duggar has been avidly speaking out about his relationship with Hannah Wissmann. In October 2021, Duggar posted a photo alongside his loved one on Instagram. “Meeting each other was one of the greatest joys of our lives! We look forward to sharing our story with you all and seeing what God has in store for our future,” he wrote, adding the “#mygirlfriend” hashtag. Wissmann seemed a perfect match for the member of the Duggar tribe , as she comes from a similarly sized family of 12 siblings, according to InTouch.

A few months after Duggar and Wissmann made the relationship official on Instagram, they announced that they were ready to get married. “YES!!!! A thousand times, yes!!! Making memories with you is my favorite thing to do and I can’t wait to make more in a lifetime,” the Nebraska native posted on Instagram on Jan. 6 while enthusiastically announcing the couple’s engagement.

The couple wasted no time, having a brief engagement of less than three months and walking down the aisle on March 26. “We look forward to sharing our marriage journey with you. Thank you for sharing our joy!” they told Us Weekly at the time. Months later, the couple continued the trend of “sharing” relationship developments when they took to Instagram to make a major announcement.

The Duggar family just keeps growing

On Aug. 30, Hannah Wissmann uploaded two adorable photos of herself and Jeremiah Duggar to Instagram, while revealing that the couple is expecting a child. As part of their announcement, the pair rocked matching hats that read “Mom” and “Dad,” respectively. In the first snap, the 19 Kids and Counting graduate stood behind his wife as they clasped hands, and in the second slide, he planted a kiss on her cheek. The mom-to-be added a heartfelt caption to the post, which was an ode to her husband. “[Y]You are my absolute favorite part of every single day…God has blessed me beyond what I could have ever dreamed of and I can’t wait to see you as a father!!” she wrote.

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Responses to the post were flooded with kind words of congratulations for the couple-to-be. “I’m so happy for you all. Hannah you and Jer will make the best parents,” wrote one follower. “You’re going to make the best mom @hannah.duggar!” another added.

Weeks before the two tied the knot in March, there was semi-controversy online when commenters on the DuggarSnark Reddit noted that they appeared to have been in bed together and had abandoned the Duggar family norms. One fan joked that Duggar and Wissmann’s behavior could lead to an unwanted pregnancy. “I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant from that premarital frontal hug and sitting in bed three times pregnant before the wedding. Scandalous!” wrote the Redditor.