Jennifer Lopez’s album You Forgot was inspired by Ben Affleck

Unsurprisingly, multi-award-winning artist Jennifer Lopez’s love language for her husband, Ben Affleck, is music. At their wedding, she reportedly serenaded him with an unreleased song, complete with a mesmerizing performance with a group of dancers.

“All night I can feel the passion in your eyes / I’m still in love with you / You know I can’t get enough,” J.Lo apparently sang, per Billboard. The track also appeared to have interpolated the reggae song “I’m Still In Love With You,” which is fitting given the couple had reunited after years of separation and marriage.

Throughout her career, Lopez has written and performed several tracks dedicated to Affleck, but there’s also one forgotten song that’s about the “Batman” star. Apparently, J. Lo’s hit “Jenny From the Block” was inspired by her tumultuous relationship with Affleck in the early years, as well as by a few songs from her album This Is Me…Then.

This Is Me…Then appears to be about Bennifer

Jennifer Lopez’s album This is Me… Then was released in 2002, around the height of her relationship with Ben Affleck. The record contained 13 tracks, some of which were about Affleck, notably “Baby I Love U”, “I’m Glad” and “Dear Ben”. The first track is all about unconditional love, while “I’m Glad” is about finally finding true love. “I think I’m in love,” says the lyrics Genius. “Finally.”

“Dear Ben” is much more explicit about Affleck, with the lyrics reading, “You’re perfect. I just can’t control myself. Seems I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me.” And while the album’s most popular track, “Jenny From the Block,” seems to be about Lopez not forgetting her roots amid global fame, the accompanying music video revealed Affleck, with the two being followed by paparazzi. Many know they broke up the first time due to constant media attention, so the video probably sent a message to their dissenters.

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This Is Me…Then is J.Lo’s favorite album

Jennifer Lopez has released a string of records since “This Is Me…Then,” but she admitted it remains her favorite. After her fan base helped him get back on the charts, she took to Instagram to express her gratitude and acknowledge that the album will always have a special place in her heart.

“All my albums are very special to me, but This Is Me…Then is my favorite album I’ve ever made…so far!” she wrote, along with a throwback video. “I know many of you have heard this before, so in honor of my #JLovers for helping it get back on the album charts AGAIN after 19 years…here’s a little #TBT #ThisIsMeThen.”

Speaking to Apple Music, she also said that while the album was made decades ago, it’s still relevant today. “When I heard that [record] On many, many different levels, these songs are more relevant today than they were then,” she shared with Hollywood Life. “It was a really pure moment in time. And that music, if it’s important, it never goes away… Love, it just won’t go away. It’s just there.”