Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly not done celebrating their wedding

Jennifer Lopez has made no secret that falling in love with Ben Affleck for the second time feels like a whirlwind adventure. The couple surprised their fans by tying the knot in a “super small” ceremony in Las Vegas, according to People. Apparently, Lopez was in a hurry to marry Affleck. A source close to the situation told Page Six in July that Lopez felt their marriage had to happen “now or never” because she feared Affleck might not have made it to the altar. A tipster told the outlet: “[Lopez] has been ready to get married since the night Ben proposed to her. She wanted to wrap this up and eliminate any chance of getting cold feet as soon as possible!”

Lopez and Affleck’s wedding was followed by a family-friendly honeymoon in Paris with their children. In fact, the couple’s honeymoon was everything they wanted, as a source told ET, “Ben and Jen had the best time in Paris.” The source added, “It was so nice to be away with their kids and just to be eat, relax, celebrate Jen’s birthday and have a break from work.”

And now the wedding festivities don’t seem to be over as Lopez and Affleck plan to celebrate their love even more with a three-day soirée.

Ben and Jen still need three days to celebrate their love

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez didn’t wait twenty years or so to marry the love of her life just to do it in Las Vegas. According to Page Six, the multi-talented singer-actress and her husband, Ben Affleck, are set to host a three-day wedding celebration that’s going to be every bit as extravagant as you’d expect. A source close to the situation says it will be an “intimate celebration for family and friends” and that it will also be “all about J.Lo” as “Ben wants all the focus on her big Day is upon her.” Not only that, it looks like Vogue is set to document the entire shindig as well.

Not only that, but TMZ also reports that Lopez and Affleck will reportedly celebrate their three-day wedding at Affleck’s home in Riceboro, Ga., just outside of Savannah. It’s also the same spot that Lopez and Affleck were scheduled to get married before pulling the plug on their nuptials in 2003, per BuzzFeed. The second time sure is a charm for these two famous lovebirds, isn’t it?

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