Jennifer Lawrence is talking about her son like never before

Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s one of the most outspoken celebrities in the business. As fans of the star know, Lawrence has always been pretty private about her personal life, and she’s one of the few A-listers who doesn’t have an Instagram account. In 2019, the star quietly tied the knot with Cooke Maroney in an intimate ceremony. According to People, the two got married at the Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island, which is a far cry from Hollywood. The couple only invited 150 guests, but some of them were big names like Kris Jenner, Adele, Amy Schumer and Emma Stone.

Around the time she got married, Lawrence went on hiatus from acting until her 2021 Netflix film Don’t Look Up. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the star explained why she decided to take a step back from the spotlight. “I didn’t get the quality I was supposed to have,” she told the outlet. “I just think everyone got fed up with me. I was fed up with myself. I had just reached the point where I couldn’t do anything right anymore. Walking down the red carpet, I’d be like, ‘Why didn’t she run? ?'”

In February, she welcomed her first child with Maroney, but in true Lawrence form, she’s kept things incredibly private — including the baby’s name. But in a new interview, the star gives her fans a glimpse into motherhood while revealing her son’s name.

Jennifer Lawrence raves about motherhood

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Ever since the birth of her son, Jennifer Lawrence has remained pretty secretive about motherhood and all that it entails. However, the Hunger Games actor decided to speak out on the subject in an interview with Vogue. Lawrence first revealed her baby boy’s name, Cy, and she got incredibly candid about motherhood, too. The star said it was a “scary” topic to discuss as “it’s so different for everyone”. Lawrence also pointed out that her friends have also been honest about the different emotions of being a mom.

She still shared a few details about the bond between her and her son. “The morning after I was born I felt like my whole life had started all over again. Now is the first day of my life. I just stared. I was just so in love,” she gushed, adding that the birth of her son made her “fall in love with all babies everywhere.” Lawrence also shared some of her concerns about the future, which most other parents have. “He’ll drive one day. He’s going to be a stupid teenager behind the wheel of a car,” she admitted. “And I’ll just say: Good night! You know? Like, who’s sleeping?’

As for the other man in Lawrence’s life, husband Cooke Maroney? You are still strong. On Sept. 1, Harper’s Bazaar shared a photo of them holding hands and walking around on a date night in the Big Apple. What a sweet family!