Jennifer Gray reveals why she decided to relive the trauma of her nose job for new memoir

Fans have grown accustomed to seeing their favorite faces change, and with so many celebrities openly admitting to cosmetic surgery these days, the practice isn’t such a big taboo. But actress Jennifer Grey’s decision to get a rhinoplasty would haunt her for years.

Gray should have had the time of her life after appearing in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and starring opposite Patrick Swayze in the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing, but she told People TV, “I was famous and I could do it not becoming a career.” Gray revealed that she was happy with the way she looked at the time and had no interest in getting a nose job, but her mother, actress Jo Wilder, persuaded her to do it. “She was pragmatic because she said, ‘You know what? It’s too hard to cast you. Make it easier for them,” Gray recalled to People. Both of her parents had rhinoplasty jobs, and in her memoir, Out of the Corner, Gray shared how much her mother loved the results loved.

After a reluctant Gray decided to take her mother’s advice, she told Parade that her new look breathed some life into her faltering career. But in “Out of the Corner,” she recalled the fateful moment when she noticed a small piece of cartilage was visible at the end of her nose, which required a second operation to repair. Now she shares why she decided to relive the painful memories.

Jennifer Gray hopes to set the record straight

In conversation with The Los Angeles Times On July 27, Gray opened up about the impact rhinoplasty has had on her career and why she chose to share the story at the very beginning of the Out of the Corner memoir. “I was like, well let me give it to them, really give it to them and explain what a horror it was, what a traumatizing event that took my career, took my ability to make a living and changed my life. I didn’t have an agency to undo,” she said. Gray also shared, “I had spent too much of my life explaining or telling the really true story of what happened because it hurt my feelings so much that I would have been reduced to a story.”

In “Out of the Corner,” Jennifer Gray shared how her second rhinoplasty changed her appearance so profoundly that she was unrecognizable to some of her peers. Attending a Hollywood event for the first time since surgery, she discovered Michael Douglas, with whom she had previously had a long chat on a flight. But as she tried to greet him, she recalled, “He just stared at me blankly.” Fans sneered at her new look, and Hollywood seemed to turn their backs on Grey. “It was like an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone,'” she told People TV.

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Luckily, the actress finally got an arc of redemption straight from Hollywood: She came from that corner, winning season 11 of Dancing with the Stars in 2010.