Jennifer Aniston mourns a tragic loss

Jennifer Aniston reportedly didn’t have the best reputation at the height of her fame. Despite her seemingly laid-back, friendly, and sunny demeanor, several people reportedly didn’t want to work with Aniston. According to Radar, the actress was slammed for her “diva” antics during filming. Aniston reportedly refused to meet colleagues for lunch, preferring to eat alone in her luxury trailer parked far from others.

“Her behavior is a clear indicator to everyone that she is unresponsive,” an angry source claimed. “There’s no reason why she has to act better than everyone else…” Several celebs couldn’t stand Aniston and were puzzled as to why she was still in demand despite a string of box office flops. Insider listed a selection of the Doozies, including “Love Happens,” “Rumor Has It,” and “The Switch.”

But over time, Aniston’s career has taken a turn for the better and built a reputation that serves her well.

The Morning Show helped cement Aniston’s star status

While her early career was fraught with varying degrees of diva possessions, Jennifer Aniston has proven her worth tenfold, with “The Morning Show” being a big aspect of her acting renaissance.

In November 2019, Aniston began starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell on “The Morning Show” and brought an impressive performance to the big screen. It was both critically and commercially successful, earning an 80% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Aniston’s life today stands in sharp contrast to the fame-ravaged and paparazzi-filled crazy days of the past. Per The Hollywood Reporter, she’s evolved over time, both in front of and behind the camera. For one, despite previous allegations, Aniston seems to be more approachable now. In fact, she appears to have formed close bonds on “The Morning Show,” which led to Aniston mourning the tragic loss of a co-worker.

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Jennifer Aniston pays a touching tribute to her colleague who died in a tragic accident

Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to mourn the tragic loss of her colleague. Page Six reports that Erik Gunnar Mortensen was a camera assistant on The Morning Show, starring Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Mortensen died in an accident after his motorcycle crashed on a California highway. He is survived by his wife Keely and their 2-year-old son Lars.

“Last week we suddenly and tragically lost Gunnar Mortensen. One of the bright lights on our @themorningshow set. As a camera assistant, he was so skilled and dedicated to his job,” Aniston wrote in a post on her Instagram story. She included some sweet photos of Mortensen with his family and shared that he would be missed. The actor previously thanked the cast and crew of The Morning Show in a post she wrote in September 2021. Aniston said she and Witherspoon “are grateful to our team and this crew for their hard work, sensitivity, and dedication to telling this story with care.”

A GoFundMe page honoring Mortensen had set a goal of $20,000. At the time of publication, it had raised over $130,000. “I only worked with Gunnar once many years ago. Since then, every time we saw each other at industry events, he would remember me and have a smile to share. Rest in peace,” wrote one donor. Another commented: “Will miss you Gunnar I hope the best for your family. We’re already worse off without you.”