Jennette McCurdy reveals horrifying news she once received from her late mother

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In August, former child star Jennette McCurdy released her bombastic memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, which chronicled the abuse she suffered at the hands of an unnamed Nickelodeon exec she dubbed “The Creator” and her late mother, Debra McCurdy suffered. As snippets of the book circulated on social media, Jennette garnered support from fans, friends, and even fellow Nickelodeon alumni Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove. While the former “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat” star’s candid account of the unethical behavior — which included pressuring her to drink alcohol and wear a bikini — caught people’s attention, it was physical and emotional abuse inflicted by her mother is particularly harrowing.

The Nickelodeon star shared that her mother criticized her weight, forced her to shower with her younger brother and allegedly performed her physical exams in the name of health. “Whether Scott is with me or not, mom gives me a chest and front/butt exam, what she calls my privates,” Jennette wrote. “She says she wants to make sure I don’t have any mysterious lumps or bumps because it could be cancer.” Jennette, who was on a press tour to promote her memoir, launched the sixth season of Red Table Talk, the Facebook Watch show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith. During the show, Jennette shared an email sent by Debra, which gave her supporters an even deeper look into her tragic relationship with her mother.

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Jennette McCurdy’s mom dumped her in an email

The September 7 episode of “Red Table Talk” peeled off another layer of the complicated relationship between Jennette McCurdy and her mother, Debra McCurdy, who succumbed to breast cancer in 2013. During the episode, Jennette read a passage from her memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” which is said to be an email her mom sent her. “‘I’m so disappointed in you. You used to be my perfect little angel, but now you’re nothing more than a ‘little’ – capital letters – ‘bitch, a floozy, all used up,'” Jennette read. “‘And to think you wasted it on that vile ogre of a man.” Referring to pictures she’d seen of Jennette on TMZ, her mother then claimed she was rubbing her friend Colton’s “disgusting” hairy stomach, adding that she ” [a] liar, sneaky, [and] nasty.” Jennette went on to say that Debra called her a “disgusting monster,” before saying that she and her brothers had disowned her, and then oddly asking her to send money for a new fridge because “ours broke.” .

Later in the interview, Jennette spoke about whether or not she forgave her mother. While she worked toward forgiving her mother for a “really long time,” Jennette said her therapist wondered what would happen if she didn’t work toward forgiveness. “And I cried and I knew I needed to hear this because I was trying to find a way to still honor my mother… I was still trying to live for her,” revealed Jennette.