Jason Momoa has a musical talent you may not know about

Jason Momoa may be best known for his acting career — and love life — but he also has many hobbies. For example, he spends some of his free time throwing axes, per Insider. According to Men’s Journal, he also has an impressive collection of motorcycles. Additionally, when the star isn’t riding a Harley Davidson, he might be out on the water riding the waves. In a video titled “Surfboards for My Ohana,” Momoa explained his connection to surfing, saying, “If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would want to be a surfer. “

At the same time, there is another physical activity that Momoa has indulged in for years. In October 2021, he told Men’s Health that he had always found rock climbing helpful and inspirational. He explained: “It’s extremely difficult to climb as a big guy. But I’ve had this passion my whole life. I love climbing, I love the feeling it gives me – and yes, I’ve pulled a lot of tendons and it sucks because I’m a very heavy guy and it would be a lot easier if I were smaller.”

As if that wasn’t enough to keep Momoa busy, there’s something else the actor enjoys doing when he’s not on the set of his next project. It turns out he has a musical side. While some celebrities have attempted singing careers, Momoa seems to prefer playing a specific instrument.

Jason Momoa is a guitarist

When Jason Momoa isn’t working on his next movie or surfing, climbing, and throwing axes, he might be playing guitar. In fact, the actor conducted an interview with MTV News at Rivington Guitars in New York City in November 2019. He said he never aspired to be a professional musician but loves music, then gestured to the instruments around him while noting, “My mother surrounded me with music, and then I could never, we we could never really afford that kind of stuff.”

Momoa’s love of music and ability to play both guitar and bass has led to some amazing opportunities. For example, he performed with the Mike Hayes Band in September 2020 and shared a video of the experience on Instagram. Although his caption noted that he had been forced to gamble, his social media followers were still impressed. One person wrote: “This is sooooo amazing in SO many different ways! Facing fear at any level in the game [he] It shows bravery and courage. Undoubtedly an amazing person and a role model for his children and fans! Well done sir!”

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Not to mention the fact that Momoa got a chance to chat with Guns N’ Roses’ Slash while they checked out some guitars. He has also posted pictures showing him spending time with Primus’ Les Claypool. As for the latter, the actor had something to say about the incredibly unforgettable musical experience.

Bass fulfilled a “childhood dream” for Jason Momoa.

When Jason Momoa got the chance to hang out with Primus bassist Les Claypool in September 2020, the two men spent time at the musician’s winery, Claypool Cellars, according to NME. However, rather than indulge in just a pinot noir or two, Momoa took the opportunity to pick up a bass guitar while Claypool sat down behind the drums. At the same time, Claypool gave the actor some tips on how to deal with Primus’ “My Name Is Mud.”

The band posted on Instagram about the visit and showed off a few pictures and a few videos and added a caption that read: “[Momoa] came to visit and we had a great old time.”

While it seemed pretty obvious that Momoa also enjoyed the time he’d spent with Claypool, it turned out to be more than just another cool experience for the actor. In February 2021, he conducted an interview with Guitar World’s bassist, reflecting on the encounter and calling it “a childhood dream”. “We just got along. He played drums and I played bass and said ‘Jesus Christ man’ I was so nervous. Les is like goddamn god, so it was really hard to relax because he was just playing drums and I was supposed to start filling the room and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on?'” the actor recalled .