Jared Kushner has an important health update

Jared Kushner dealt with a secret health battle during his tenure as the President’s Advisor to the White House. In his book, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, Donald Trump’s son-in-law recounts the moment in 2019 when he discovered he had thyroid cancer, which develops in the thyroid gland in the front of his neck. according to the American Cancer Society. Kushner received his diagnosis in a setting where only a select few received medical attention: at the Air Force One medical facility.

In an excerpt from his memoir provided to the New York Times, Kushner wrote that Dr. Sean Conley, the President’s physician, shared with him the results of a previous medical test and informed him that he would have to undergo surgery to have cancerous tissue removed from his thyroid. At the time, Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump, and the former president were en route to Texas, where Kushner was attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the factory that opened Louis Vuitton, according to The Washington Post.

Kushner underwent surgery in November 2019 to remove a significant portion of his thyroid, and while he had hoped to keep the procedure and his diagnosis a secret from the President, Donald found out about it. Kushner recalled his father-in-law telling him, “I’m the President. I know everything. I understand that you want to keep these things secret. I like to keep things like that to myself too.” Now someone has spoken out about Kushner’s health again.

Jared Kushner needed a second surgery

Almost three years after his first surgery, Jared Kushner underwent another procedure related to his diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Reuters claimed to have received a health update about Kushner from an anonymous source. The outlet shared no further details about the procedure, other than that there appeared to be no complications and Kushner’s prognosis is good.

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According to the American Thyroid Association, a second surgery is sometimes needed in thyroid cancer patients who have been diagnosed with cancer recurrence, usually affecting the lymph nodes located in the neck. Nodes are removed when anomalies are found. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology website, the five-year survival rate for thyroid cancer is 98%, but a patient’s prognosis depends on many different factors, including the type of thyroid cancer and how quickly it is detected. In “Breaking History: A White House Memoir” (via the New York Post), Kushner wrote, “Thank God we caught on early.”

The news of Kushner’s second surgery comes after he opened up about his health during a livestream to promote his memoir. Revealing that he’s been more focused on staying physically fit, he explained: “I think there’s a good chance that my generation, hopefully with the advances in science, is either the first generation that’s forever lives, or the last generation to die.” However, a Kushner insider later told the Daily Beast that he joked about possibly being immortal.