Jana Kramer reveals new details about her extreme reaction to Mike Caussin’s infidelity

Jana Kramer has been an open book on the rise and fall of her relationship with Mike Caussin. According to The US Sun, Kramer married the former soccer star in 2015, and the two stayed married for six years, officially ending in 2021. But long before the two pulled the plug on their relationship, she was riddled with drama and infidelity. In 2016, Kramer opened up to Us Weekly about Caussin’s cheating, and she announced their split on social media shortly after. According to the outlet, Caussin checked herself into a sex rehab facility to try to save her marriage.

The couple renewed their vows in 2017, and in 2018 Kramer and Caussin appeared to be in a good place. “I feel weird. I never want to say I’m grateful for the experience because every day is a struggle to stay connected and to be together,” she told Us Weekly. “But at the same time it made us so much stronger.” But the second honeymoon phase didn’t last very long, and Kramer filed for divorce from Caussin in 2021. She shared the news with fans on Instagram. “I fought you guys. I loved hard I have forgiven,” she wrote. “I put the work into it. I gave everything I have and now I have nothing left to give.”

As she picks up the pieces and walks away from the troubled marriage, Kramer talks about the difficult time in her life.

Jana Kramer has “gone really crazy”

Leave it to the ladies of Red Table Talk to make you spill your heart out. Jana Kramer appeared on the show on October 18 and became quite vulnerable when she spoke about her ex-husband Mike Caussin and how many times he had cheated on her. Kramer explained that every time she confronted Caussin about his cheating, he had a different excuse or story, but she eventually had enough. “Finally, the last time I caught him last April, he said, ‘Now I know I’ll never do it again,'” Kramer explained. “And I’m like, ‘You know what, for that person, they’re going to be really lucky that you don’t.’ And then I left.”

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Jada Pinkett Smith asked how many wives Caussin cheated on her with, and Kramer tearfully admitted it was more than 13 wives. This caused Kramer’s emotions to hit an all-time high. “I smashed so many things in my house,” she said after learning about the women. “There was that pantry door. He wanted it to say ‘Pantry Door’… so me and my girlfriends hit it with a bat and just smashed it.” She also said she destroyed his Xbox and ruined some of his tuxedos by writing on them. “I went really crazy for a minute,” she said.

Luckily, Kramer got busy as a result. On October 11, she announced a vacation movie starring herself and Mario Lopez. cheer up girl