Jamie Lynn Spears teases an important chapter in her past is far from over

As Britney Spears enjoys her well-deserved new chapter in life — including getting married and writing her first memoir — her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears has teased on Instagram that she may be doing the opposite. No, we’re not talking about a revival of the sisters’ social media sparring matches. Jamie Lynn could start something new by reviving something old.

While Jamie Lynn never came anywhere close to the fame of her older sister, she was back then starring in her own beloved pre-teen show on Nickelodeon entitled “Zoey 101”. The show ran for four seasons before airing in 2008. Now the quirky sitcom is enjoying something of a renaissance, having unexpectedly rocketed to the top of the Netflix charts in late June thanks to viewers tuning in to stream old episodes.

Jamie Lynn – who, to be honest, could use all the good press she can get right now – took notice.

Jamie Lynn Spears says a reboot may still be in the works

On her Instagram, Jamie Lynn Spears thanked fans for continuing to watch Zoey 101 and hinted that there was more to come. “Um, so Zoey is top 10 on Netflix! This show and the fans of this show mean the absolute world to me,” Jamie Lynn wrote in the caption. “I know you’ve all been patiently waiting, so I’m just going to say, I PROMISE this story isn’t done yet…” She seems to be saying the show’s reboot is actually happening after all.

According to Nylon, a “Zoey 101” reboot is said to be in the works as early as 2020, and Jamie Lynn previously teased a possible reunion on her social media accounts, per Entertainment Tonight. The cast also met for a group Zoom session during the pandemic, further fueling fans’ anticipation. But it’s almost two years later and fans of the show haven’t received any updates. There was even a suspicion that the Britney Spears controversy and her public allegations against Jamie Lynn had led to the project being abandoned altogether. “Zoey 101” actor Paul Butcher even claimed on TikTok that the reboot “deffo not” happened — which “Zoey 101” alum Chris Massey then denied to TMZ.

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Luckily for “Zoey” fans, it looks like the rebooted show could still be a hit…though no one knows when or where just yet.