Is Lisa Vanderpump still talking to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright?

It’s been almost two years since Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced their departure from “Vanderpump Rules,” but it seems the couple’s relationship with Lisa Vanderpump is still on the brink.

In December 2020, Taylor took to Instagram to tell fans that he will no longer be returning for the show’s ninth season, specifically as his wife. “The last 8 years at Vanderpump Rules have been some of the most challenging, rewarding and fulfilling years of my life,” he wrote in a now-deleted post on People. “While this is difficult to share, Brittany and I will not be returning for another season of Vanderpump Rules. We are excited to use this time to focus on our growing family and to share our new ventures with you.”

Taylor seemed to imply it was her decision to step away from the hit reality series, but Vanderpump implied the opposite. “Was I surprised at what they decided? Well, if you put it that way, yes. I would have been really surprised,” she said in an interview with Us Weekly in March 2021, adding that casting ultimately ended up in Bravo’s hands. “Who makes the rules? It’s not me… Bravo, they’re producing the show. Even though I’m executive producer, they make most of the decisions.”

Vanderpump didn’t appear to have any bad feelings towards the couple at the time, but according to them, they are no longer in touch with their former boss.

Brittany Cartwright, she doesn’t talk to Lisa Vanderpump much these days

Cartwright says that while they’re no longer part of the cast, they still have a lot of admiration and respect for Lisa Vanderpump. “I love Lisa to death and I think she’s amazing. And I’ve always looked at her so much,” Cartwright shared on Heavy’s Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “We got a gift from her when Cruz was about eight weeks old. So she sent some gifts and stuff like that.”

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She went on to say they didn’t get any parenting advice from Vanderpump and didn’t speak to her as often as they’d hoped. “She said she misses us and stuff, but we’re not hearing from her as much as I thought, which is pretty sad,” Cartwright admitted. “But I still love her to pieces.”

This isn’t the first time Cartwright has given fans a glimpse into her current relationship with Vanderpump. During a June 2021 appearance on the Girls Night With Alexis Waters podcast, she said she wishes she had a chance to meet Vanderpump more, despite not being on the show. “I didn’t talk to her as much as I thought we would. i love lisa I looked up to her so much, always have. I’ve always been one of their biggest fans. I thought maybe we’d keep in touch a little more.”

Jax Says Lisa Vanderpump Is ‘Another One I Might Care Less’

On the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Brittany Cartwright said her husband Jax Taylor has stopped talking about Lisa Vanderpump, which is a shame since they used to be so close. “He doesn’t really say anything about it,” she said, per Heavy. “But I’m sure if you asked him, he’d probably be a little … I know she was very close to him throughout filming and so. So I just wish that had gone a little further.”

But Taylor made his feelings toward Vanderpump known on Instagram Live in March 2021. “I’m not speaking to Lisa now, I haven’t spoken to her,” he said at the time, per Reality Tea. “She’s in her own world , and I’m not really … She’s another one I could care less about.” She is in her own world. Nothing bad against them.

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As for the rest of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, Cartwright said Taylor rarely speaks to them either. “I talk to them a lot,” she said. “Jax doesn’t have that, it’s not like there’s a problem, but they just don’t really talk anymore. So it’s kind of like in the air and maybe it would just be a bit awkward, you know?”