Ireland Baldwin gushes about her unrecognizable new look

Ireland Baldwin has increasingly opened up about the connection between her mental health and self-care. In April, she appeared on “Red Table Talk” alongside her mother, Kim Basinger, where she unabashedly opened up about these topics to the Independent. Baldwin revealed that her panic and anxiety attacks were linked to her time as a model. “I don’t think I would have ever been scouted as a model if it wasn’t for my parents,” Baldwin said on RTT. The star was also diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia during this period of her life, and her body image disorders could also be linked to being often compared to her mother, she told co-hosts Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. Her turning point came in 2013 when she asked herself, “Why am I even doing this?”

Baldwin’s turn in self-image was an inspiration to many. She took to Instagram in September 2021 and posted a series of snaps where she was dressed in a bikini, and the images appeared unedited as she posed for the camera. Too much praise in the comments section, she wrote, “Hugging my cellulite, stretch marks, curves, eczema, ingrown pale skin, outgrown roots, hairy legs and all the other fun things that make me human.”

Now, Baldwin has taken another bold step into the spotlight with a bold new look.

Ireland Baldwin has shaved his hair

Ireland Baldwin has a new hairstyle, and it’s fancier than anything she’s tried in the past. She took to Instagram on August 20 to reveal her shaved locks. Yes, Alec Baldwin’s daughter is now rocking a platinum blonde buzz cut that showcases her exquisite features. She captioned the post, “Don’t tell me I won’t do something because I will.” People reported that she also shared an Instagram Story upload where she shared more about her new Look spoke. “Do things that scare you. Do things other people say you’ll never do… I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’ve always been afraid. Now that I don’t care what other people think, I feel more beautiful than ever.”

It seems that Baldwin finds release in changing the way she does things. After all, this is Baldwin’s second major hair transformation this year. According to the Daily Mail, she dyed her hair a fiery red after her previous brunette hairstyle. At that time she wrote, “red or dead”. As she recently shared via People on Aug. 20, her buzzcut bid farewell to the “red villain era,” writing, “Will miss you.” One thing’s for sure, Baldwin can kill any look she wants and, girl she knows

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