Ioan Gruffudd is raising the stakes in a violent legal battle with estranged wife Alice Evans

Despite his role as Dr. Reed Richards In the mid-2000s, Ioan Gruffudd’s divorce from Alice Evans is far from fantastic. The former couple have avoided headlines since meeting on the set of Disney’s 102 Dalmatians in 2000, but have since endured one of Hollywood’s messiest breakups in recent memory. It all started in January 2021 when Evans tweeted (per the Daily Mail), “Sad news. My beloved husband, Ioan Gruffudd, has announced that he will be leaving his family starting next week. Me and our young daughters, girls [sic] are very confused and sad. We weren’t given a reason other than that he doesn’t love me anymore.”

Gruffudd has since gone public with his new girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, and Evans has regularly live-tweeted their split. Gruffudd and Evans, who share two young daughters, also faced each other in a custody battle. Some of their text exchanges are public, with Gruffudd filing some in court and Evans posting screenshots of others on social media.

Many commentators don’t choose sides, although Evans’ online activity received a backlash even from her followers. After sharing a Gruffudd court document on Instagram in July 2022, People were quick to offer their advice: “You need to delete this ASAP and stop talking about things online. It can and will be used against you!” After the recent development of the case, her warnings appear to have been correct.

Ioan Gruffudd has received a restraining order from Alice Evans

A restraining order was successfully issued against Alice Evans after Ioan Gruffudd filed an application in February. The restraining order is in effect for three years, ending in August 2025. It prevents Evans from contacting Gruffudd or getting within 100 yards of him. He also asked the court not to post Evans about him on social media or contact his employers. In his filing, Gruffudd claimed that Evans “used her social media accounts to continue to harass, threaten, and disturb the peace” (per Page Six) me and my friend Bianca Wallace. He then accused her of trying to undermine his career and sent additional messages to his mother, Margaret Griffiths.

Evans has been quiet on social media since the hearing, which she declined to attend, although some of her previous posts about Gruffudd are still available on Instagram. In one of those, dated July 13, she called his claims against her a “witch hunt” and accused his PR and legal team of “creating” articles. In a now-deleted Instagram post from a month ago, she said: “I face fines, jail time if I tell MY TRUTH about what’s really happening. And all I have is social media because I can’t afford a lawyer” (via Daily Mail).

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However, Evans’ social media presence is likely to cool off after the restraining order unless she’s willing to pay to have it broken.