Insights into the real life friendship of Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal

Despite the backlash actor Jake Gyllenhaal is getting from Taylor Swift fans, he still has very good and supportive friends by his side. One of those friends is Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. The two actors met and became friends while filming Spider-Man: Far From Home. Gyllenhaal played a wizard named Mysterio in the film who fights alongside Spider-Man.

“They really hit it off almost immediately,” director Jon Watts said in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “They always laughed at each other during takes and that was the only downside. We got an amazing shot halfway through and then they made each other laugh and we had to cut.”

Holland is the youngest actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so the older actors often take him under their wing. For example, Benedict Cumberbatch – the Dr. Strange portrayed in Marvel films – in an “Agree to Disagree” video by LADbible that he often dated Holland during Avengers interviews so he could “babysit” Holland since he’s known for spilling the beans on the mysterious plot of the films. Gyllenhaal, who is 15 years older than Holland, also kept Holland from spoiling Marvel’s films.

Tom Holland calmed Jake Gyllenhaal’s nerves

Aside from Tom Holland spoiling Marvel movies, the 26-year-old actor and Jake Gyllenhaal have undeniable off-screen chemistry. According to People, Gyllenhaal recalled a time when he felt a little nervous while filming “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” He had a little moment when the whole I’m an actor in the MCU feeling felt overwhelming. The actor described going to Holland for help when he was the one who usually gave advice to the younger actors.

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“I remember on the first day of shooting I couldn’t remember my line,” Gyllenhaal said in a 2021 interview on The Howard Stern Show. “I was the plank of wood, right? … I went to Tom Holland and I said, ‘Dude, help me.’ He says, “It’s fine, just relax.” It was like he was me in so many situations.”

Not only do the two Marvel actors respect each other as actors, but it’s clear that they love working together. Gyllenhaal even joked to Access Hollywood in 2019 that the “bromance” went too far to be called that, instead considering it a “straightforward romance.” Holland responded by saying they were getting married.

The bromance continues after Far From Home

After a successful press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home and many fan YouTube compilation videos of the best and funniest moments the two shared, fans were wondering if the bromance between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal would last would. We’re happy to announce that these two actors are still best friends.

In June 2021, Gyllenhaal posted a picture on his Instagram story to wish Holland a happy birthday. “HBD Tom Holland,” read the caption to the story, reported by the Independent. “I miss ussss.” Holland responded to the birthday story by reposting it and adding three drooling emojis. According to Hustle, these birthday posts between Holland and Gyllenhaal have been a tradition since 2019, starting with Holland wishing Gyllenhaal a happy birthday and posting the hashtag “#husbandgoals” at the bottom of the caption of his Instagram post. The image above accompanied this news.

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So while fans love to gush about Holland’s romantic relationship with Zendaya, they can also appreciate his friendship with Gyllenhaal.