Insights into Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg’s relationship

It’s no secret that political pundit Meghan McCain’s time on ABC’s The View was turbulent — especially towards the end of her stint on the show.

“I really, really appreciated the fact that in many ways you were a formidable opponent and that you spoke your mind — and you’re no snowflake, missy,” said comedian Joy Behar said to McCain after announcing her imminent departure from the show. As you may recall, during McCain’s time on the popular talk show, McCain and Behar feuded in more ways than one over various hot topics. And things only got worse for the dueling co-hosts when Behar announced quite matter-of-factly on air that she doesn’t miss McCain during her maternity leave. “I didn’t miss you. Zero,” a clearly annoyed Behar said to McCain. Meanwhile, McCain seemed surprised and replied, “This is so nasty!”

Unfortunately, some might argue that McCain’s relationship with host Whoopi Goldberg became even more controversial than that…

Whoopi Goldberg has made a promise to Meghan McCain’s father

In true Meghan McCain fashion, the four-time author ruffled many feathers in April 2022 with the release of her brand new audio memoir, Bad Republican.

Within the confines of the book, McCain discussed her time on “The View,” targeting what she described as an atmosphere that “brings drama” (via Variety). But that’s not all. She’s also set her sights on her former co-hosts — including Whoopi Goldberg. According to McCain, she and Goldberg shared a special bond when she first landed on The View. “She promised my father that she would take care of me and she kept her word for the first two years that I was on the show,” she wrote. Unfortunately, however, McCain seems to think Goldberg’s pledge hasn’t passed that two-year mark. “I think again, it was COVID-19 and by satellite,” McCain told ET of their relationship’s demise. “I also think it’s really exhausting and intense for everyone and I think sometimes I’m the only conservative person that people come into contact with in the media and certainly on ‘The View’ and I just think that there were moments in time when she didn’t realize how powerful she is… She’s a living legend and even small weaknesses, the audience is very savvy, they can pick things up.

But where are the two today? The answer might surprise you…

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Meghan McCain will always love Whoopi Goldberg

Maybe time (and space) really does heal all wounds.

In October 2021, Meghan McCain revealed to ET that her former co-host Whoopi Goldberg had reached out to her and seemingly made amends. “We were just having a really nice chat when I left and she texted me some really nice texts and then, I — I don’t want to give too much away, of course — but I really wish Whoopi the best,” she said. “I will always love her. I think she probably still has love for me somewhere and I think she has the hardest job on this show. She’s the host, she’s responsible for so many things, we all make mistakes and again, I really have no ill will and I think this show has 50 years to go. I think she will be there when I am an old lady.

Luckily, McCain seems to be extending the proverbial olive branch to the rest of her former co-hosts as well. “I’m really a forgiver,” she admitted. “Writing this book has been really cathartic and really healing, and I really wish the show the best. I know the kind of stress they’re under because I was there. It’s not easy, it’s a really, really hard job. “Let the past rest!