Insights into Harry Styles’ burgeoning acting career

Harry Styles has come a long way from being the curled-up crooner on One Direction. After leaving the band, he works hard to establish himself as a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. Styles has released three albums since becoming a solo artist, and in 2021 he bagged his first-ever Grammy, an award for Best Pop Solo Performance for his chart-topping “Watermelon Sugar.”

But fans know that music isn’t Styles’ only talent. The singer-songwriter has dabbled in projects outside of music in recent years, most notably as an actor. To date he has starred in three blockbuster films including Dunkirk, Eternals and the upcoming Don’t Worry Darling directed by his current girlfriend Olivia Wilde. “[He’s] an aspiring actor with no other career that I know of,” she joked at April’s CinemaCon to Page Six.

Despite being a young actor, Styles has managed to land high-profile roles. According to the star, he immersed himself in acting because he likes a challenge.

Harry Styles said acting is outside of his comfort zone

Harry Styles would be the first to tell you that acting is out of his comfort zone, and that’s exactly why he’s trying it in the first place. Speaking to Dazed, the “As It Was” singer said he enjoys the challenge of playing different characters on screen.

“I like to challenge myself and do something different, and movies are definitely where I feel the most out of my comfort zone,” Styles said (via People). “I come from music that I don’t think anyone really knows how it works, but I’m kind of in my comfort zone! But in movies, when I show up, I’m the new guy. It was not me [an actor] for a long time and that’s really cool, I feel like I’ve learned so much and life is about learning.”

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In an interview with Howard Stern, Styles also admitted that he sometimes finds acting “awkward,” especially when the role requires him to do something he doesn’t particularly enjoy, like love scenes. “Acting is very uncomfortable sometimes,” Style said (via GQ). “I think you have to have a lot of trust. It takes a lot of trust if you want to give everything. I think being able to trust your director is a gift,” he added. “That was very helpful. It was really a really nice experience working on this film.”

Harry Styles’ peers in the film industry praised his talent

Harry Styles may be a newcomer to the acting world, but his peers never fail to shower him with praise when they get a chance to work with the star – one of whom is “Star Trek” actor Chris Pine, who Styles starred in “Mach.” don’t worry darling.”

“He’s one of the most professional people I’ve ever met,” Pine told Entertainment Tonight. “Couldn’t be kinder and lovelier – I mean really, I was stunned by this boy. He’s cool.” As if that wasn’t enough, Pine also praised Styles’ determination. “To be so young and so famous and to really turn heads, he’s a humble hard worker,” Pine told Metro UK’s The One Show. “He shows up on set before anyone else, hungry to study, and he and Florence [Pugh]I’ve actually seen the movie, just knock it out of the park.”

Even directors can’t help but rave about the singer. Eternals director Chloé Zhao said Styles’ casting is non-negotiable. “Harry as Eros was a package deal for me,” she told Deadline. “After meeting him, I realized that he is that character – just like I cast the rest of my cast. There is so much Eros in him. For me, if he says yes and Kevin says yes, then it’s a try. And I’m very glad they both did.” Christopher Nolan shared the same sentiment when he cast Styles for Dunkirk. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, he said, “I have literally thousands of young men with different Auditioned combinations of young men. And he had it.”

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