Insights into Chloe Cherry’s modeling career

Chloe Cherry is only 25 years old but has already made several significant career changes. Per The Sun, she initially wanted to be a dancer before deciding that acting was more her vibe. Cherry took an opposite approach to mainstream actors entering the adult industry, starting their careers in porn and then going mainstream. Under the name Chloe Couture, Cherry made around 200 X-rated films. But she had always viewed the adult industry as a stepping stone to her future career.

Cherry told Paper she planned to leave the business when she was about 20 because porn was “really hard on your body.” And she revealed she’s never really enjoyed the job. “My sex drive is really average,” Cherry said. “I’m not super hypersexual and never have been.” However, while she was still into it, she appeared in a porn parody of “Euphoria,” the show she was on in season 2. Given her adult background, one would assume that Cherry would be a star who would have no problem being naked on camera.

However, Dazed reports that she was one of four female actors who asked Euphoria director Sam Levinson to cut unnecessary nude scenes. Cherry was rumored to be cast in the HBO hit after Levinson saw her adult parody and liked what he saw. However, she shot that down in flames. Cherry told Paper she shot the explicit flick a year after landing the role of heroin-addicted sex worker Faye. After breaking into the adult and mainstream acting world, Chloe Cherry aspired to pursue a modeling career.

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Chloe Cherry’s modeling career skyrocketed

After landing the role of Faye in Euphoria, the floodgates of opportunity opened wide for Chloe Cherry. But like millions worldwide, everything ground to a halt when COVID-19 struck. Cherry’s career was skyrocketing before HBO abruptly halted filming during the pandemic. The actress feared that her new career was also irreparably ended. “Part of me was like, ‘I don’t even know if that’s going to happen,'” Cherry told The Cut. “I was ready to give everything and then I was so down.”

Eventually, however, the pause button was removed. As the new norm dawned, Cherry quickly realized she had been premature in her concerns. In fact, the truth was that Cherry’s career opened up in ways she never imagined before. Her significant social media presence had led to Euphoria director Sam Levinson first discovering and then casting Cherry. But now she had become an influencer in a big way and it wasn’t long before the fashion and beauty industry came knocking.

Cherry’s modeling career went from nothing to buzz without going. According to V Magazine, Cherry became “the face” of the Versace X SSENSE SS22 ad campaign and modeled for Paper. It wasn’t long before she was walking catwalks around the world, strutting down the runway at New York Fashion Week with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella and Gigi Hadid. “It was amazing,” Cherry told Flaunt. “It was an amazing experience. It was so cool to be backstage,” she continued.

Chloe Cherry’s lips seriously bank

Chloe Cherry’s modeling career continues to grow. However, she admitted that when she first started acting in Euphoria, she was trolled about her looks — specifically her thick pout. “The way people reacted to it [my appearance] was so weird and just like people said my lips were so big,” Cherry told Allure. “I don’t think I had that much lip filler. The way people reacted to it was so bloody awful.” But haters will hate it, and Cherry used those lips to make money. In 2022, she became “the new face” of Urban Decay’s Lip Bond Liquid Lipstick.

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“The marriage between Urban Decay and Cherry is basically perfect,” notes High Snobiety, giving the label a 10 out of 10 for their casting choice. “The beauty brand tapped into the internet’s most talked about lips to promote their new lipstick.”

Despite being a makeup brand ambassador, Cherry prefers to be more outspoken in real life. “I’m really more into skincare than makeup,” she admitted to Nylon. “Most days I wouldn’t wear makeup and just let my skin look beautiful,” Cherry added. (Is that Neutrogena’s reputation?) She shared her top lip trick with the mag. Cherry said that on the few occasions she does wear lipstick, she soaks a towel in warm water and scrubs her mouth before applying. “When I rub it on my lips, it exfoliates well and brings out the color,” Cherry explained.